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Originally Posted by antonyfirst View Post
It doesn't give an idea of the real size, tho. At least to me. I'd like to see the IMAGE compared to other IEMs.
I recently got the IMAGE. Here is the size comparison to the ER-4P.

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Great, thanks! They are both very small. The Apuresound Etys are even smaller, their size is mind blowing.
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Originally Posted by antonyfirst View Post
You said the bass goes as low as 40Hz. Do you confirm this? I was expecting it to go lower.
It goes at least that low based on informal listening. When I get around to a formal test I'll get a better number.
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Originally Posted by Sasaki View Post
I recently got the IMAGE. Here is the size comparison to the ER-4P.

What are your thoughts/impressions of them so far?
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Hard to find any recent info on these Image IEMs or the Custom 3s.... are there any in-depth, recent (in the past month, since they've been released into the wild) reviews out there (outside this thread)? I'm receiving a frustrating lack of support from Klipsch on locating local dealers (Vancouver, BC) for auditioning these and the 3s, but man, I really want to check them out. Until then, I'm hungry to live vicariously through those that have tried them.

So, guys: How comfy are they, now that you've had them for a bit? Are they comfortable for prolonged listening (more than 3 hours)? Comfy and easy to put in frequently (for frequent interruptions like at work)?

How's the sound now that you are more accustomed to them? Do you feel that you are getting your money's worth? Do they compare well to other IEMs you've heard in their price category?

How do you find yourself using them? Jogging? On the bus? At work, home, etc? How do they suit your lifestyle?

and Thanks!
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Awesome review Asr, right on the money as always.

To Baglunch here is a little review I did a while back.
techPowerUp :: Klipsch Image Earphones Review :: Page 1 / 4
I think jogging is a no go, the cable has a wee problem with microphonics. I found it best when using a ****clip and running it under my tshirt. They are really good for commuting and are really pleasant to wear.

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