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Best Vinyl Record Cleaner?

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Just wondering what your experiences have been with vinyl record cleaners of the elaborate vacuum variety. Trying to find a good one, myself.

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I'm very happy with my VPI 16.5. There are cheaper alternatives that will do just as good a job.

Google KAB EV-1. I have heard good things about this one and it is one of the cheaper vacuum cleaners.
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I bought a next-to-bottom-of-the-line Nitty Gritty cleaner from a head-fier a few years ago, and it does a great job. Sounds like a shop vac when it's running, but it really works.
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Hi have a KAB EV-1 and love it. It's simple but takes some practice to get your technique down. Does as good a job as the more expensive nitty gritty models.

If money was no object I would get:

***:*:*** The Loricraft Audio Professional Cleaning System ***:*:*** Main Page ***:*:***
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Originally Posted by stevenkelby View Post
Thumbs up! I'm very fond of my Loricraft... incredible craftsmanship and out of the box thinking. Now if I could just get my armboard back from SOTA so that I could actually hear the difference it makes. God, the delays in this hobby are brutal! I ordered my table in the summer and still haven't had a chance to slap any vinyl on it.
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Reviving an old thread here... I finally have everything in my vinyl setup up and running as of last night. The Loricraft is unreal... there is very little background noise on my records, almost like listening to cassette tapes with the exception that it doesn't sound like crap. I'm finally convinced that the old "Sorry, if you want vinyl, you have to put up with constant hiss and pops" line is wrong wrong wrong. Yes, there is a very slight cassette-like hiss in quiet passages, but it really only stands out between songs. As to pops, I might hear three or four QUIET ones on an entire side--unfortunately, it's impossible to not get some dust on the record in between the Loricraft and the turntable as they are in separate rooms (no more space left in my bedroom). But there is no comparison to the days of my VPI cleaner; this is very superior.
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Nice one.

I have a couple perfect records, Thom Yorke - The Eraser and Monks Music on 45 they both sound very, very close to silent. At lower listening levels they might as well be CD. One thing I do that I haven't seen anywhere else is to hold a piece of magic tape on edge against the LP as the final stage after Washing, Zerostat, carbon brush etc, right before dropping the needle.

It picks up everylast piece of dust and leaves nothing behind.

I'll take a short vid to show you.
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Here it is:

LP tape clean -

Only press very lightly with the edge so it doesn't grab the LP and stick to it. This doesn't get into the groove so it can't hurt them, just takes any particles off the top. I do it before every side.
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VPI 16.5, Three years about a zillion albums. Works great and never had any problems.
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Anyone tried Hannl Hannl Vinyl Care: Vinyl record cleaning machines
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The best cleaning system I've tried is "The Disk Doctor" system. See here:

The Disc Doctor
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