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Imod Discovery, my first impressions.

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In a first time, i just want saying i'm french and i have a poor language in english, but i 'm trying to do my best to be clear.
Hi, Everybody,
i'm very happy to join the Imod comunauty and want partage my first steps in this Great Audio Experience.

My Products :
Imod 5G -portable Vcaps dock (Jumbo cryo dock cable + Mini to mini Cryo cable ) or Imod Jumbo cryo cable -Hornet -Grado Sr 80

I have seen the Freeblues post and i'm totaly in accord with him.
I'won't be able to explain the difference between portable Vcaps and bg caps as good as he does, but i certified that it's true.
I have never heard before a so beautiful sound.
The improvement in the quality is so important than it's like changing the totality of your equipement !

At the begining when i have receipted the Imod 5G and the Jumbo imod cryo cable, the sound was very good, but not great as i expected!
So, i have tryed to compare the sound between the 5G Imod and an 4G stock ipod by using the Jumbo imod cryo cable.
Result : i was'nt able to make the difference...
So, i have thought that Vinnie have forgot the modification in the 5G and send him few email to be secure about that.
I wasn't doubted about him, but only about my 5G modification.
The only thing that i was able to heard was the excelent quality of the Jumbo imod cryo cable.
But it wasn't burn in ( only few hours )
So, i was quiete disapointed and as i was ordered ( in the same time ) an Vcaps dock with Ken, i didn't know if i was right.

Things change when the Vcaps come.
The sound were amazing Good at the first listening and i understand several things wich are important in the Imod approch :
Imod Ipod give you only the best pure source signal to have the opportunity to be exploited.
Vcaps give you the sounds :
So, with the caps inside the cable, it needs a lot of time to be burning as well, and the first listening session 'll not reveal the great quality of the Ken and Vinnie work, it's like wine..Time of burn in is essential to obtain the best result.
With the Vcaps dock, it's the same thing, but for an firts approch, it's very more easy to heard the quality and understand the great job make by this 2 guys.

So, i want say that i'm very happy in the Imod World and thanks Ken and Vinnie for their Jobs, it worth more than the value.
I'm so happy with the sound than my futur purchase, when i'll have the money 'll be for an ...
Signature 30.2

To burn in correctely the Imod Vcaps, i use an radio with white noise in mono on the 2 ways ( L+R ) and charge directely with an old Ipod can
[B](Now i use burn in plugs with appropriate load and obtain optimum results in 5 days)[/B]
It's more difficult with the imod cryo cable, but i'm looking to make a special cable.
Now, i have make it.

I hope this post is not to long, but the only goal is to partage my great satisfaction with you.

And sorry for the language, i'm not champion in english.

An Imod French Friend.
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I'm in the burn in process now since 5 days (100 hours) and nights.
CD-pVcap-10 K resistor ( 2X5).
Sound is amazing..i had never heard a so beautiful sound before.
i'll be continue during 2 weeks again and i think it ll be enougth to obtain the best result.
I' m making a spécial cable to burn in Imod cryo cable directely on a cd source.

source ( cd out put RCA ) + special cable+ (ipod jack)Cryo cable (normal jack)+ (female jack)cable sold 2Resistors.

The home made cable is :
RCA-cable-female ipod dock jack.

So i can burn in my imod cryo cable without used the Ipod for this taske.

If you have some informations about the way you process for the burning period, i'm interest in.

I don't know if it's better to use 10 K resistors or + ( more curent, more speed ?)
I don' t know if the use of an préamp ( as source )and volume adjustement is important in this application.

if you have some answer, it ll be cool.
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Congrats! and thanks for you impressions.
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Very nice first posts
I still can see your French accent
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indeed, thanks for the feedback
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Lil' knight,
as you said,it's my first post, so...

Sorry for the accent and hope it's not too much Incomprehensive .
I ll be very happy to have some informations about the ways you burn in Imo cables and Imod Ipod.
How long it takes, witch charge you use and audio results on you equipements.

Personaly, i want improve my material and look for :
Grado amp + GS1000 or ALO headphone.
Have you some informations about the quality of this setup ?
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