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Hansen Boards now available

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As you may be aware, C.E. Hansen no longer has his PCB's for sale, and he is not going to reorder. Mr. Hansen has asked if I wanted to begin distributing the boards.....I accepted.

I have placed an order for a large supply of the Hansen PCB's for distribution that should arrive in a couple of weeks. Pricing will be the same as it was before. Once the boards arrive and are available for shipping, I will post ordering information in this Forum.

Edit: The boards have arrived and are ready for distribution. If you are interested you can PM me or you may e-mail me at:

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Thank you VERY much, JMT It just so happens that last night I was reading up all the articles about how nice the Hansen boards were and lamenting the fact that he wasn't ordering anymore. I wake up to find this post. You have REALLY made my day
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Just an update:

According to CEI, the boards should be ready to ship to me on or around the 25th of October.
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Thanks, JMT. That is great news!
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One thing I failed to mention:

As before, the cost of the boards will be $6.50 per board or 3 for $17.00. Shipped via USPS. There is also a $3.00 shipping and handling fee.

I will post specific ordering information when I have the boards in hand.
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Count me in for 3. Just 5 more days
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Are they here yet?
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Not yet, I will let you know.
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My order of boards should be delivered 10-26-01 according to Circuits Engineering. If you are interested, you may simpy e-mail or PM me letting me know the quantity you would like and where they are to be sent. I prefer payment by money order, but am open to accepting personal checks on a case basis.

Again, the price of the boards is $6.50 per board or 3 for $17.00, plus $3.00 shipping and handling.
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just wondering if you might have a paypal account to send payments thru? (or if you might set one up....)
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Not to discourage anyone against paypal (I've used it myself as a buyer a few times and it is very convenient), but doesn't paypal charge a $2 service charge to sellers for using its service? I could be wrong, but I've heard this criticism about paypal before.
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I do have a PayPal account set up, however I prefer not to use their service for various reasons. They are a fine organization but I would prefer payment as indicated.
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Incidently.....the boards are here.
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Hey JMT,

How about offering a kit? You could supply the parts based on your experience and I'm sure anyone could build the amp in less than 5 hours. Instructions could be in the form of one photograph or something similar posted on these boards.

Dead easy!
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