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Ratchet and Crank

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Got a PS3 For Christmas (mostly for the BlueRay), and it came with this video game. I put it in just to see what it looked like, and now two days later I'm still hooked.

Anyone else play this? I haven't had this much fun with a video game in years!

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I think you mean ratchet and clank.

I've only played the PS2 and PSP versions, but the series is pretty good overall. A little on the easy side though, and I pretty much skip all the cut-scenes. (The storyline is too kiddie for me)

EDIT: If your PS3 has can handle PS2 games (or you have the actual console), I recommend the "Sly Cooper" and "Jak and Daxter" series'.
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i thought you had trouble getting your flywheel off there..
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Have all four PS2 games, and the PSP game. Secret agent clank is due for psp in a few months ^^ Really want a ps3 just for the ps3 game, that series just pwns everything that ever was
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I downloaded the demo, and played it to the end, must admit for a kiddies game its very addictive.
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Originally Posted by Kirosia View Post
I think you mean ratchet and clank.
LOL - indeed I did.

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