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You do realize there's a whole forum here for this kind of thing, right?
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A Nu-Jazz song made by former drum teacher, Ko Omura.
Track No.5 - Tali-Tali

MySpace.com - Ko Omura 大æ‘亘 - JP - Jazz / Acoustic / Nu-Jazz - www.myspace.com/koomura

I love his music, a sense of Japanese swing jazz, and the recording is damn good
Check his myspace.
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Below are my favorite test tracks. I burn them from original store bought CDs (no second hand copies or MP3 crap!) onto a CD-R and bring it with me to meets. That way, I'm always listening to and evaluating equipment using only familiar music. All these songs are very well recorded. In addition, the section I use to evaluate gear is right at the beginning, so I don't have to wait to get to the "good stuff." This also allows me to hit the "back" button and quickly listen to the section over again.

- Steve Winwood Higher Love: listen to the percussion at the very beginning for attack and airiness
- Pink Floyd Time: listen to the clocks ringing for treble brightness and shrillness

- The Beatles Yesterday: listen to the texture in Paul's voice; also to the body of the acoustic guitar in the right channel
- Diana Krall Just the Way You Are: my standard track for female vocal reproduction; also listen how natural and full the piano sounds
- John Mellencamp Hurt's So Good: listen to the "growl" of the electric guitar at the beginning
- Eric Clapton Unplugged Layla: listen to the body and "twanginess" of the acoustic guitar solo at the beginning

- U2 Bullet the Blue Sky: listen to the kick drum at the very beginning for bass attack, quantity, and tightness; also listen to the cymbal brush for treble extension
- Bela Fleck and the Flecktones Flight of the Cosmic Hippo: the bass line throughout the track should sound deep and seismic and have good articulation as well

- Rebecca Pidgeon Spanish Harlem: this track should sound holographic and three dimensional; that is, the headphones should "disappear" and it should seem like you are in the room with the performers in a big room
- Asia Only Time Will Tell: rock track with wide and deep soundstage

- Pachelbel Canon: listen to the tone and reverberation of violins

- Eminem The Real Slim Shady
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