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The Platinums are not cheap (PL300 SUPERSONIDO - denon, marantz, B&W, in focus, sonus faber, JM-LAB... is 8990,00€), and for example ProArc Response D28 (SUPERSONIDO - denon, marantz, B&W, in focus, sonus faber, JM-LAB... ) 4.940,00€ and is a much better souding speaker! (i've heard both)
If you never heard MA Studio 20 (befor the cheif designer left) you don't know what i'm saying....

My point about the Plats. was not how much they cost, but who designed them. You said MA is not any good anymore since their main designer left. I just thought is was strange they would go out and engineer their best speaker yet right after their top dog left. The fact that MA can do this tells me their design team is still very good. Performance aside, their build quality embarrasses most other speakers.
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Thank god I've diferent hears from yours.........
Oh yeah, this is not my thread!!!!!!! I'm a MA exowner
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