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New V6's need an AMP?

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Well, financial stability is slowly working its way back into my life and I've joined the ranks of V6 owners and now I want to know your thoughts:

Besides a CMOY that I am starting to acquire parts for now, what type of amp should I start planning: Apheared 47, Szekeres, or something with tubes? I am looking at this in the context of moving from the simple to the complex.

Other factors:

Cans: V6's, Senn 490s, and lots of cheapies that shall remain nameless. I also plan to buy a set of Grado's next year, followed by some HD-580's (maybe sooner than the Grado's if the right deal comes along.)

Music preference: Everything except Heavy,Acid,Death stuff.
Favorite instruments: acoustic guitars and women's voices

Source equipment:
Mobile - Sony e556 CD with an MD on the horizon (Christmas?)

Home - probably connected to my Adcom GTP400 preamp.

Electronics experience: Novice to intermediate

What's some thoughts of other V6 owners/amp builders thoughts?
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Congrats on the V6s, great sound, better value. I use my V6s exclusively when I travel along with my Panasonic PCDP, and my CHA 47 amp (Apheared's 47 amp built on a Hansen board). To me, it is a great match.
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Hi: Having used V6's for over a decade on all Kinds of equipment I can say that you better use an Amp with a good Buffer after the Opamp. While the V6's work Well on Most anything. To get the Best Possible Sound Out of Them I would sugest an opamp follower by a BUF-634, Or better yet apaheared's #42 using an AD-823 & EL-2001. Jude favorably Reviewed this Amp with the V6's. Search to find the Thred since i havent it available to me at the Moment. Now your Thinking Grado? Then Better paralell a Few Buf-634's or EL-2001's Grados like Zero Ohms output Impedance from the Amp and Lots of Peak Current.
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Thanks guys!
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