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HeadAmp Pico has arrived.. (LARGE unpacking pictures)

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Fedex Box:

Opening Fedex Box:

Pico Manual:

Pico Wallwart:

All laid out:

Pico Leather Baggie (a surprise.. it even says Pico on it):

Pico Front:

Pico Back:

Pico w/ HD650s (my rig):

Pico w/ HD650s (2):

It sounds insane. Back to listening!

Dec. 27th, 2007:
I spent a bit more time last night and today listening to the Pico (haven't spent quality time with it previously due to xmas family dinners and such). What surprises me is the substantial bass impact and bass depth with the HD650s. And, as others have already noted, the soundstage is very impressive -- the whole package (HD650 & Pico) reminds me very much of my old HD650, Gilmore Lite w/ DPS & Monarchy M24 setup (impressions link).

I have not tried, nor am I planning to try any other headphones with my Pico. The HD650s sounds damn good out of it already, and there's really no reason to switch to anything else. However, this combo is tempting me to come back to the headphone world and just forget about speakers!

(On second thought, nah..)
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So beautiful!
...as most of Justin's amplifiers.
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Very nice. Any initial pre-breakin impressions ?
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This is the new benchmark for portables I think.
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Very very nice. Justin certainly puts together a nice package. (Apparently the Predator doesn't even come with a USB cable?) I would never have cancelled my reservation if I had a need for a portable amp... but I may just have to get one anyways in due time.

Enjoy your new toy!
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hi5 black pico brother! sadly mine was sent to my office. I won't have it til Thursday
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nice.. we need more impressions
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wow that looks amazing! packaging is so professional
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I sold a great amp to buy one of these babies!

...an AE-2
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Good move the amp in the Pico apparently is a souped up AE-2 in a smaller package.

Just picked mine up apparently the shipping department at my work was open today... poor bastards
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Congrats. I look forward to some impressions of this amp/dac.
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Out of the box and using it just as an amp its quite a little amp. It's no home amp (Though I like it more than Meier amps home and otherwise) for sure, but the resolution and soundstage are truly ridiculous and stronger than in any other portable amp I've ever heard. The soundstage width almost makes me forget that I'm currently listening with IEMs.

All in all a solid first-rate portable amp that is truly tiny (Slightly smaller than my Cowon D2).
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Very nice Sir!! And Merry Christmas to YOU. I love toys for the Holidays.
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Amazingly, mine arrived today too! Kudoos, and Merry Xmas to you Justin!
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Disappointed here. It was mailed out on Friday and didn't show today. However, I also ordered a Predator on Saturday morning and guess what arrived today, yes, the Predator. Great service by Ray Samuels! Waiting to do a first hand shootout between the two. So far Ray wins on prompt delivery
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