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Originally Posted by mdsjack View Post
BTW, Ken, have you seen this?
- Link -

This japanese guy managed to get a lineout cable out of the recording cable. I've tried to contact him (in english), but he doesn't seem to answer.
AFIK Ken has seen it. Also I had obtained a car charger unit that has a line out on it and as it has been confirmed on the A800 series the unit is locked where it requires external power(charging) to enable the line out.(It looks like Ken has tired the pinout configuration in that thread but, due to the fact it is locked Ken did the reaserch to bypass this and had gotten it to work.)
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So how do you think that guy managed to make a working cable without external power or such? (it looks like an audio-only cable...)
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Well the model the guy has does not appear to be locked in the same way the A800 series is since the pin out configuration has been tried on the A800 series also.(It did not work, which lead to part of the conclusion that they have their line out locked on this preticular series)
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Guess the plan is dead?
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Unless Ken says otherwise it is not dead but, it is not ready to be put on the market yet.
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I'd get one too.
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From what I read in the original passage. It seems like making the dock is not that easy compared to iPod. If I'm not mistaken, other that connecting both the LR output, you need to short circuit pin number 8 and 10, this enables the player to recognize that a cable is connected. And the next thing you need is to connect pin number 9 to a resistor of a certain value and to GND pin number 1 and 22.(from the passage it seems that 100k(variable), 47k(fixed), 33k(variable), 22k(fixed), 15k(variable), 10k(variable), 4.7k(fixed) should work, I'm not good with electronic circuit thing but I think it means variable resistor and fixed resistor) 47,33,10,4.7 might be a good choice cause the other seems to be compatible with recording function too. I think its best to choose the one dedicated to line out only.

havent tried it myself, I got terrible soldering skill T_T
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Mass produced LOD for Sony WM-PORT is here.
Specifically, it's USB power charge cable w/ lineout jack.
This LOD reportedly works as variable volume mode.

Web site of SUNCORPORATION (SUNTAC is their brandname) is
here. But there is no information about WS-12L in English.

If you want it, you should ask them.
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I just got this SUNTAC delivered from Japan. And I can tell you that it is no good. I think it basically reroutes the hp out to the dock.

The SQ from the cradle with the proper line out is cleaner with less artifacts. To my ears this lod is basically the same thing as the hp-out.

I am still waiting for Ken to come up with a wonderful solution


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haha my first ever post here!

hmmm so anyone has any news on the lineout? i'm still anxiously waiting haha :P
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It's pretty damn hard to make a LOD for WM-PORT devices. The current best method is to take the WMC-NWR1 line-in cable, slice it open (long and tedious, requires skill to do while retaining cleanliness), and connect the right cables anrd resistors to the right pins. Some Japanese people have worked it out and it's available on the net.
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Just when I had given up all hope I managed to find a possible Sony whole connector that just might work! I have asked for some samples and will beging making the cable once I receive it. I will keep all posted from this thread. Keeping my fingers crossed.


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Go go go go Ken!
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Great news!
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