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Am still waiting for mine (Yulong DAC) to arrive. I don't expect anything earth-shattering, I think one would have to be pretty naive to believe that DACs haven’t reached a state of maturity in this day and age - to the extent that they're all more or less transparent.

I'll post some audio and pink noise files run through this DAC vs. a Musical Fidelity of a few years vintage vs. my Pioneer Elite with quad Wolf' DACs and you cats can ABX em' and decide for yourself.

Andrew D.
Canadian Audio Video
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You can read what I think about mine here.

I am listening to the it right now, DAC out to a Stax SRD-X into SR-003.

Even listening to only 128KB Internet MP3 stream is very very nice.
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Yulong DAH1 DAC - Owner 'Review'

Ok then; I've been running a Yulong DAH1 DAC for a couple of weeks now and here is my quick and dirty overview of the device. First off, its silver, and I wish that they would release a black face-plate! Secondly, the front panel LCD is a little dimmer than what most might expect, however, it’s easily visible from anything within reason, say a couple of meters. My eyesight is pretty much excellent, so I don't know how this would be for someone with sight problems.

The device is overbuilt like a Sherman tank - I dig it! The lack of plastic is a nice touch in this day and age of 'everything is plastic', thus the chassis is fairly heavy for an item this small, due in no small part to the thick aluminum case / face-plate. Inside, it looks exactly like you would expect from seeing the many pics posted on this thread, very robust. (See posts #1 and #15 in this thread for front and internal pics).

And the 'sound'; well, common sense would dictate that anything built with this caliber of components had better be acoustically transparent, and so it is with this device. I've used it in a large number of situations including SPDIF / TOSLink / RCA / different power & RCA cables (see cable eval' on Jan 24th and RCA eval' Jan 21st - same site), on a wide variety of CD / amplifiers / speakers - and I can honestly say, aside from the silver faceplate, this is one fine little DAC. The headphone section is quiet, no hum / buzz - through three different headphones (all 'dynamic transducer', not electrostat' - so cannot comment on that), and the buttons up front operate perfectly, with a very positive tactile feedback. Again however, the print is quite small for the + / - indicators, which might mess with some folks who have vision problems.

It was less than $400.00 – shipped from Asia, which, for a device of this caliber I thought was more or less fair. A few bucks less would be cool, but, whatever…

For those of you looking for a decent, acoustically transparent DAC, don’t mind Silver, need USB for a PC interface and dig quality on the cheap: Buy It!

Andrew D.
Canadian Audio Video
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My actual equipment is a Beresford MK3 and Original Master Headphone, I like this Yulong DAC, I don't think I'd be a significant improvement ( or yes? ) over mine, but I like the idea to have one-box and the digital volume is cool
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This should sound noticeably better than an X-Fi right? I already have a LD MKIII so I'd use it as a DAC/pre-amp.
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My creative X-fi soundcard doesn't drive the k701 properly, i'd like to have more bass and a warmer sound. Has anyone tested the k701 combined with the Yulong ?
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Mine is up for sale – dirt cheap if anyone is interested. I only purchased it to conduct some cable evaluations. PM me or better yet, drop me a line via my hobby-site:

Canadian Audio Video

BTW. in case this is 'against the rules' round' here, I apologize in advance to Mods / Admin. Delete this post if it’s not on the up and up.

Andrew D.
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Hi SamNoise, I sent you a private massage.
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PM sent as well.
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Sold to a fellow Head-Fi'r! Tnx for the interest guys.

Andrew D.
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Hoping for another review

I hope whoever this was sold to can give a review of the unit. There are very few opinions of the Yulong DAH1 on head-fi or anywhere on the net for that matter. I'd mostly be interested in using it as both Dac and Amp.

The only thing I didn't like in one review was having to turn up the volume after turning it on... But I guess I could get used to that. It would also be nice if someone could compare this to the Octavart or Zero.

Have fun.
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FWIW I asked a ebay seller about the amp he was selling, if it was recommended for ATH-W1000. He pointed me towards this dac/amp.
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guys, i just sank £180 for one of these amps, i hope its gonna turn out better than my x-fi at driving my akg k701's ... right now, with my current x-fi - k701 setup, the more i listen to it the more unhappy i am with the sound

im gonna be looking for a 3.5mm mono to rca plug adaptor so i can connect the dah1 to the x-fi's digital out
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Originally Posted by carmatic View Post
guys, i just sank £180 for one of these amps, i hope its gonna turn out better than my x-fi at driving my akg k701's ... right now, with my current x-fi - k701 setup, the more i listen to it the more unhappy i am with the sound

im gonna be looking for a 3.5mm mono to rca plug adaptor so i can connect the dah1 to the x-fi's digital out
make sure to give your impression on this , because i have the same setup as you (X-Fi + AKG K701) and i consider buying this DAC.

Do you get deeper bass out of the k701 now ?
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Updated model - DAH1mark

Hi everyone

I'm new to all this, but I've taken a particular liking to the DAH1. Upon doing some research into this nifty little unit, I noticed that there's an updated model available, known as the DAH1mark (or DAH1 mark).

Photos and details are available at the Chinese-language Erji site here:

I've done my best to translate (badly, I'm sure) the part which summarises the improvements:

This unit is an improved and upgraded version of the widely praised DAH1. For an introduction to the DAH1, please see:

The DAH1mark's improvements include:

1. All components are surface-mounted. The PCB has been completely redesigned to essentially eliminate low-frequency noise.

2. No expense has been spared by using imported J [+/- 5% tolerance] surface-mounted capacitors, which has led to even better sound quality (this improvement in sound quality was based on customer feedback from the popular DAH1) (standard K [+/- 10% tolerance] surface-mounted capacitors cost approximately 30RMB [~US$4] per pack, while an equivalent number of J surface-mounted capacitors costs around 1000RMB [~US$144] per pack).

3. The process of making the unit's case has been enhanced, leading to an improvement in fine details.

4. Notwithstanding the improvements in sound quality, outward appearance, and the addressing of minor problems, all of the DAH1's strengths have been retained and optimised. Value, not price, has been added, with this unit selling at the same price as the DAH1 [which is 1800RMB or ~US$260].
My comments in square brackets.

I note that most English-language sellers are still selling the original DAH1, but given these improvements (and no change in price), I'll be trying to get my hands on the latest one!

Any thoughts?
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