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Originally Posted by M0T0XGUY View Post
I'll give you the worst 5:

5. Sony Qualia 010

4. Sony MDR-R10

3. Sennheiser HE90

2. Audio-Technica L3000

1. AKG K1000

Avoid these at all cost.
I will surely do. Seriously, maybe some explanation on this?
Originally Posted by pepi View Post
I think you're being unfair to a very good phone. I too am very sensitive to grating highs and sibilence but if you read elsewhere about this phone, it requires lengthy break-in, revealing of what's upstream, and demanding of good amplification. I was disappointed when I first got the K701 too but left it on a CD player on repeat for 2 weeks and things fell into place. It's a tremendous bargain IMHO if you have the amp and source to drive it well .
I'm repeating this again and again: I listened to two well broken in pairs several times in several rigs of different price range, and I hear the same K701's sound each time. They are overrated, like other guys say, period. Beerdynamic DT880 Pro are much better although being demanding as they show pretty well what your source and amp sound like.
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Sennheiser HD 212 Pro is pretty high up on my list of crappy headphones. Overpowering, boomy bass that makes everything else sound muddy and terrible. Not to mention the fact that the headband is practically a vicegrip.
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Originally Posted by troymadison View Post
Can you clarify why the Ultrasones are so bad? I never tried them but I am curious to see why you'd say that
Overbearing, sibilant treble, recessed and muffled mids with a strong bass .... none of which seem to belong with one another. There is no live presentation that I have ever heard that sounds like this headphone. The Ultrasones remind me of a poorly designed three way loudspeaker where none of the frequency spectrums successfully blend together. Even if the bass and mids blended well I could still not accept the sibilance of the Ultrasones.

For the record I favor the Senn 580/600, older Grados and Alessandro MS2 .... but I can also live with the AKG 701 and to a lesser extent the Beyer dt880.
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Originally Posted by Bizzel View Post

Ahh, yes, the beloved EX71SL IEM's.... measuring at only a measly 100 dB, with frail, thinner-than-an-anorexic-teen-model-like cords that fall apart under excessive use, no midrange, shrilly highs, and bloated bass, may be good if you all you want is bass.

I sure am glad I got a pair of EX90SLs to replace this piece of crap, that is why I prefer those over the 71's anyday.
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Originally Posted by Bizzel View Post
If Sennheiser made deodorant, it'd probably be the sweetest smelling deodorant in the world.
I imagine its effects on females would be quite similar to that of horse tranquilizers. (zzz SNORE!)

Back on topic --

Brand: A4 Tech
Model: MK-620

I simply can't call the "stuff" that comes out of 'em music.
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skullcandy gi
audiology bass vibration
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Roberts headphones

I am dating my self now . . . but I had some Roberts headphones quite some time ago. I can't remember the model name but they were made by the same company that made the tape decks and tape recorders.

They were huge black things, heavy, uncomfortable, and crappy sound!

The company is no longer around so I can't get even!
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ah well i am the new guy here

they can't stay for 1 minute in my f***ing ears...
and these fartphones here

sold both on ebay
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I had some really **** phones that came with a psp portable pack. I tried them and one ear blew out in 5 min.
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Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD580, Koss KSC75, Koss Portapros... all the ones I can name that I pretty much disliked
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This is starting to get more interesting.....so what are the worst headphones priced over $100?

edit: ....besides Bose. I get it, overpriced and overrated.
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All earbuds. They sound like junk, but also I have never been able to get them to stay in.

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im going to take a wild stab here at what i think is the most dissapointing high end earphones...sensaphonics 2xs!! (2nd generation drivers) yes they are customs and yes they are dual driver and yes they are not the worst sounding ever but let me explain.

these things sounded very average for the price, sensaphonics changed the drivers and tuning for the worse! and worst of all the build quality is astonishingly bad! i dont know what they used because this was a while ago but mine simply fell apart, granted...with a bit of help from me but non the less the durability is terrible.

so yes not the worst but ranks for me in the top 10 high end disasters!
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PK1 buds sound good with a Pico.

I vote for the cheap end Ultrasones too.

I love the ED9 though.
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Originally Posted by troymadison View Post
Sennheiser HD650, Sennheiser HD580, Koss KSC75, Koss Portapros... all the ones I can name that I pretty much disliked
Do you like any headphones?
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