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Sony fartcannons. All distortion, no music.
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Senn HD500.
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Originally Posted by c0mfortably_numb View Post
Not all Realistic cans where bad, Koss made some of there higher end models back in the day.
The Pro 30 is a good entry-level ortho and was manufactured by Audio-Technica. I love my Pro 30 so much i bought a 2nd pair.

The Pro 50 is a relabeled AKG K250. (yes, k250. Very rare relative of the k240)

These are both in the straight up "Realistic" line. There's probably "Nova Pro 30" and "Nova Pro 50" that are something else entirely, and probably an Optimus that's crap too.
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Bose Triports.

I heard them first at an Apple Store. I thought some bad customer had broken them they sounded so bad. So I tried another pair. That one sounded like it was broken. So did a third, fourth and fifth. They weren't broken, they just sounded horrible.

I regularly stop by the Apple Store - it's in the mall across from work and I drop about once a week. I've listened to them several dozen times now and they still sound awful.

In comparison, the iBuds are pretty decent. No, they don't compare to other headphones I've heard, but still, they're somewhat musical while the Triport is godawful. Nothing really against Bose, either. I actually kinda like their old 901 and 501 speakers.
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I dont think that the Triport belongs anywhere near a properly considered "worst headphones" list.

I would though, say that the CX300 merits a place. Unless we are going to clag up the list with cardboard fart phones from the 70s.
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I don't know how you even come up with a proper list like this. There are a lot of garbagephones out there that were only designed to be cheap, or cheap and bassy.

There have always been a whole lot of those. There are probably even more coming out of china now.

The 1000 worst headphones are probably all so obscure that nobody here can name more than one or two of them.
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That I've had the pleasure listening to.

Sony MDR-V150
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Sennheiser OMX52. The worst piece of crap I've ever heard. No bass, no highs, no soundstage, muffled sound. Koss KSC75s are 10 times better.

I can't believe a company like Sennheiser can release rubbish like this I hope their next clipons are much better.

Sennheiser HD500 are also pretty bad.
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I was about to say the Sony mdr-v150 too! Probably the most common headphone I see around (besides ibuds) as well!

Absolutely horrible...

Ibuds aren't THAT bad. There are many headphones that sound much worse than ibuds for the same price.
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A set from a company called Labtec. They sound worse than the worst early 80s ultra cheap Walkman-clone headphones. Utterly disastrous "sound quality." And uncomfortable after three minutes.

These are notable because my company issues these ten cent phones to all its processing reps. I might see fifty people listening to music each day (I'm a director, not a rep), and about thirty-five of them will be using the Labtecs. All day long. I don't get it. I want to send a site-wide memo telling people it's okay to use something besides the company-issued garbage; it's okay to spend $30 on something comfortable for your ears since you spend 8+ hours a day wearing something on them... Geez...
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Senn HD212 all bass and nothing else.
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They made both computer speakers (I have at least 2 pair of the comp speakers) and phones..I have 1 for sure... yep they suc..emm pick a consonent.

on a good note..dont comment here..Monsoon electrostatic's....amazing stuff if you got before they decided they wouldnt sell.

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KOSS Clipz
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If the headphones are free, I dont mind if they sound terrible.

But, the Triport are $100 headphones and sound terrible. I got a pair for chrismast from a friend and returned them thinking they were defective.
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all earbuds! they never sit in my ear and cause pain in a matter of tens of minutes...
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