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Originally Posted by VeipaCray View Post
I was going to post about the poor quality of the garbage headphones they have at Borders Books where you can scan the barcode of a CD and get a preview. At least airline headphones you can wear for more than 30 seconds. The Borders phones you just want to stomp on.

However....I think I have the winner here. A friend found these in his vintage Chicago house when remodeling the basement. Check out these babies...

The sound... well they sound worse than they look. Imagine the fidelity of an early childhood style boxed record player. Then take that sound distort it, and add some rusty tin can sounding reverb. Take the 1Khz frequency and amplify ONLY that frequency until your brain hurts. Yeah, they're that good.

Comfort... it takes some effort to adjust these puppies as they are well rusty and all tin. People complain about the Grado phones being uncomfortable... seesh at least grados have foam. These have... you guessed it more tin for the ear pieces. Note the six pin holes in the ear piece (tongue in cheek) which are precisely positioned to let out that fine piercing 1Khz sound.
The rubber coated metal coat hanger bands are also fantastic. Spare no expense, they used the entire coat hanger.... you get two head straps.

My FAVORITE part is the cord. Notice one speaker has the cord on the bottom... the other on the top. Yep... engineering at its best. We can do no finer. The cord is encased it what appears to be non matching shoe laces... knots included (they add to the fidelity). Remember you've seen it first here. When there are hundreds of threads on this forum with people tying darth beyer cords into knots as a mod... these phones started the trend. At the far end near the plug the cord is frayed. There is no shielding... its bare copper wire inside the shoelace. yet another head-fi first.

For those of you coming... I'll bring these to the Chicago meet in April.

They are made by Newcomb Audio Products and are labeled "The Sound of Quality". I wonder what Newcomb considered to be non-quality. Here...hold this wad of mud up to your ear and listen...see... non-quality.

If anyone has any info about these phones or about Newcomb Audio Products (a history etc) please PM me. I tried googling with no luck.

And now for the pics...
Wow... just... wow. I'm speechless. This is the most hilarious post I've read here so far.
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Originally Posted by moogoob View Post
Wow... just... wow. I'm speechless. This is the most hilarious post I've read here so far.
Glad I could at least provide some humor to the board. Sadly, the headphones I describe are real and no exaggeration. *sigh*
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I bet that's it!
Now, I remember -- when I was a little kid, I had a crystal set for my first experimnt with electronics, and the headset was even worse-looking than the one posted above. Really fugly and cheap.
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They are 100% stereo.
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disregarding the headphones that everybody knows suck...

akg k26p. I can't believe some of the reviews... some unscrupulous people obviously write reviews based on the excellent k24p and the slightly higher price tag, because they sound like utter garbage.

koss the plug. I bought these for $50.
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Originally Posted by Wid View Post
Senn HD500.

Ah yes, the fabulous "Fusion,"aka "Mufflemasters." What are they a "fusion" of you ask? Horribly bloated upper bass and rolled off highs. These are without a doubt, the worst headphones I've ever heard. When I first heard them I thought they were broken. An engineering team must have labored for months to get them to sound this bad. You can't just put two crappy drivers in some ear cups and expect them to sound this bad, you have to work at it.
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Beats solo? sounds as if someone is hitting you with an axe o.O

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Originally Posted by EPICFAILXD View Post

Beats solo? sounds as if someone is hitting you with an axe o.O

Yeah, that's not quite it really... They somehow manage to be cold, distant and with a deformed midrange and have a brittle/blurry sound. Just try these with any electric guitars and you'll know they're rubbish...

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Worst headphones for the drivers: Parts-Express mini headphones, however their headband is perfect for modding KSC75s or KSC35s. Take a pair of the mini headphones, a pair of KSC75s or KSC35s, detach the Parts-Express drivers, and the clips from the KSC75s or KSC35s, and attach the Koss drivers to the headband, and throw the Parts-Express drivers out. And for even more added comfort, add some padding to the headband and swap out the stock foam earpads for PX200 earpads. You'd get a pair of lightweight, portable headphones that sounds great and is really comfortable, and on the cheap too. :D


Worst headphones, period: iBuds, there's no hope for those.

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Originally Posted by tjohnusa View Post

Sony MDRV-150....although they sound better than most packaged earbuds and are pretty cheap they are the most uncomfortable cans I have ever had on my head Also the build quality sucks!


I've had V150s for three years now, they've gotten really comfortable for me in that time frame, have decent sound for $20, and as for build quality, things broke at the yoke on the left side, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be taped back together, and I taped the right side up for safe measure.


Wanna resurrect my UR40s by recabling because they're better 'cans than the V150s, both in comfort and in sound, and velouring the Kosses may improve the comfort on an already extremely comfortable pair of open-air circum-aural headphones, however IDK how it would affect the sound on them.


If I ever do get around to resurrecting them though, they'll be used at home, while either Portapros with an earpad swap, or KSC75s or KSC35s with a headband mod and earpad swap would be used on the go.

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