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Sold him some K701s. Payment was very quick and communication was excellent. Enjoy the new headphones!
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I sold an Hornet amp to IceClass. Communication was excellent, payment was fast, everything was very smooth. I'd do business again with him anytime.
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Fast payment, no hasle from start to finish. Highly recomend!!
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Iceclass purchased a Spitfire dac /w Supplier from me. Payment was prompt and was easy to deal with. Highly recommended.
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JR bought my AKG K340's.

We had some very good communication before and during the trade. The payment was quick, and there were no problems at all on my end. Thanks! Would gladly trade with again
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I bought a pair of A700s from him. Shipping was quick and headphones are in great shape. Would buy from him again.
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I bought a paid of ATH70's. Good communication. Fast shipment, even had wife fly with them south before posting. This was really appreciated once I saw where Ice lives and realized how far north ice is living. Great set of phones in pristine condition, especially for their age. Would gladly buy/sell with IceClass again.
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bought Koss ESP/10 and E/10, shipping took quite a while (then again, northern canada to Utah isn't exactly walking distance), was VERY well communicated, VERY well packed, and product was in EXCELLENT condition for its age

would gladly buy/sell with IceClass no problem, although, this shipping thing....
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Just letting everybody know how great of a seller he is. I bought a Fubar II that was advertised as being in like new shape with all cables and accessories.

After my e-check cleared, he got it sent out within two days and it made it to my door in less than a week and a half (keep in mind it was shipped from Canada to the US).

It's in absolutely immaculate condition and did come with all retail packaging (even the packaging was in very good shape). He shipped it in a big box with air pillows surrounding the retail box.

Overall my transaction was extremely positive. Thanks!

Total days in hobby: 29
Money spent: $550
Money per day: $18.97
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Brought a Cute Beyond headphoen amp from IceClass,
Item was in perfect condition except for the blemish that was shown in the advertisment.
Fantastic seller, excellent postage arrangements.
Can't fault him.
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Bought a Firestone PSU from IceClass, which arrived promptly and without issues. Thanks.
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Purchased a Firestone Big Joe Amp from IceClass. Great communication and fast shipping. Received as described.
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I traded a brand new set of Triple.Fi 10 Pro's for Jae's Sony PFR-V1's.
Communication was always fast and friendly, and he was really helpful when I asked some questions regarding many headphones.
He was kind enough to hold the V1's for a while for me, as he knew that I wanted to try them badly.
Shipping was quite fast considering the long distance between us. The headphones came in the described condition, and with all the accesories, boxing, papers, etc...
Overall, it was a great transaction, and that means that I recommend dealing with him. I would surely do it again.
Thanks for all your help!
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He bought JVC/Victor DX-1000s. Communication was great, prompt payment and simply a wonderful head-fier to work with. I would gladly do business with IceClass again!
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Role Reversal. I bought an Apogee Duet. Came as described in excellent condition.
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