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Way to go Wal!!! Absolutely correct. Very good movie, for those that have not seen it (makes you think twice about going to the dentist).

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"If i had a dick, this is when i'd tell you to suck it"

Anyone know the movie?
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"At my signal...unleash Hell."
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"There's more vodka in this piss than there is piss!"

"F--k you!"
"No way man, you gotta take me out for dinner first!"
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"Welcome to Raul's Wild Kingdom. Today, we're teaching poodles to fly."

"I can only show you the door. You have to walk through it."
"...You have to open the door first, Neo."
--Computer Boy

"Hang on to your butts."
--Jurassic Park

"That's how it always starts. Then later there's the running and the screaming."

And a classic...

"Why, you stuck up, half witted, scruffy looking, nerf herder!"
*storms out*
"...Who's scruffy looking?"
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i'd like to hear which lines caused you to "push milk through your nostrils," so to speak.

for me, i was on an airplane enroute to Hawaii when Eli Wallach said that. I spilled off my seat and onto the isle, laughing my headoff.

in the case of a book, it had to be Catch-22 when Yosarian was being court marshalled.

Didn't you say that ...

I never said that .... What I said was....

We're not interested in what you said! We're only interested in what you didn't say!

I've always never said...

so when was the last time you laughed at a line?
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Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.

mimicking the governor near the end - "See what we got here is a failure to communicate"

Mike Myers in Waynes World

"Asphincter says what?" "What?"
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"When it's time to shoot, shoot- don't talk." Eli Wallach in The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
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Originally posted by Trounce
"The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you are uncool."

-Lester Bangs in Almost Famous, my favourite movie.

Outstanding movie. Indeed, I thought it should have clearly won for best picture. Just watched it again last night. Have you seen the greatly extended, Directors cut, dvd?

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Gollum- (The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers)
"Give it to us raw, and wwwwwwwiiiiiiiiiiiiiggly."

Gollum- (The Two Towers)
"Swimming in pool is nice and cool, so juicy sweeeeeet. The only way to catch a fish, so juicy sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet."
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Here follow several tangy morsels from Samson in the Wax Museum, a Santos masked Mexican classic to [rival] in cultural import the complete works of one George ("No, I don't live in Victoria") Eliot. [The last four quotes are attributable to one Dr. Karoll, an evil concentration camp survivor whose torture in Dachau drove him insane and cinched his ambition to become the next big mass murderer. Hey, a fella could drown in all that Masterpiece-Theater-ready plotting.]

"I know it's absurd, Samson, but I want your aid against an enemy that's invisible, anonymous!"

"Your smile is beautiful! I shall transform it into a constant, hideous grimace!"

"I have a wrassling match now; I'll call you later!"

"I think I explained it quite well; I'm going to turn you into a panther girl!"

"I detest loveliness, and I'm about to make yours disappear, Susan!"

"I think you should learn how to suffer, my dear! You know nothing about it! You never experienced those long sessions of interrogation in the concentration camp that the Nazis called Dachau! You don't know how far sadistic men can go when they're torturing humans! They invent all sorts of sadistic devices! Oh, yes, I went through it all! I was partially destroyed, and I learned what war can do! Such ruthlessness! A complete study in inhumanity! You're quite young, and you just hear others talk about it, but you didn't go through it and you don't know what it felt like! And I suffered such horrible things! One night, I thought my veins had totally disintegrated! The only peace I know is watching other people suffer and writhe in agony! That's the only reason you three are still living! Oh, how I enjoy it when I torment others, and see their terror and hear their desperation!"

"I want fear penetrating your souls to the last minute! All other humans should go through this! All humans are monsters, you know! I found that to be true the nights I was tortured! Since it is true, why not show what your soul and your conscience really are using your face! Well now, I intend to create a world in which all humans are deformed! I'll go on, and sooner or later I'll turn humanity into a planet of monsters! Like plagues and war and hunger and mass killing!"
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Originally posted by Nightfall
Outstanding movie. Indeed, I thought it should have clearly won for best picture. Just watched it again last night. Have you seen the greatly extended, Directors cut, dvd?

Yes, sir. I bought it the day it was released and haven't watched the travesty that is the theatrical release ever since. Untitled is a brilliant movie, and is a much more COMPLETE movie than the original. I could never go back having seen the INTENDED movie. Brilliant stuff.


"**** it... I'm... I'm... I'm GAY!"
-Silent Ed Valencort during the emotional death-defying plane trip. Hah!
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1 "This job would be great if not for the *uck'n customers"

2 "Not ***** tongue. Church tongue."

3 "I don't play golf..., with people..., for money..."

4 "Ahhh, mannn..., not on the rug!"

5 "Let me tell you something pendejo, you pull any of your crazy **** with us, you flash your piece out on the lanes, I'll take it away from you and stick it up your ass and pull the ****ing trigger 'till it goes click."

6 "Hell, I can get you a toe by 3 o'clock this afternoon...with nail polish."

Anyone want to try?

movie character
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Favorite Movie Quotes

"you're dripping . . . and it's not pee" from all ladies do it (1992).

"you call yourselves men? i see no manhood between your legs" from ilsa, she-wolf of the SS (1974).
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"Only a ninja can stop a ninja".
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