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Has anyone here ever found what the actual output in watts is, with ECC99's?

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Just finished my Bijou!


I would say the output wattage is about 1/2W.  


I didn't measure the wattage though.  

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Originally Posted by funch View Post

Has anyone here ever found what the actual output in watts is, with ECC99's?


Do watts equal sound quality? the proliferation of truly horrid sounding 500-1KW speaker amps and the small but obvious army of amps that actually sound quite nice putting out only 10-75W brings the value of the watt into question. Its almost worth looking for LESS power considering the trends. Perhaps exactly as much as you need? like for example if you only need 1W to drive your speakers you give yourself a healthy 20db of headroom and buy a 10W amp. Or if you only need 10mW to drive your headphones you build a 100mW amp (1/10<1/8)


On that note you will be lucky to get 1/8W out of the bijou (are you lucky to subject yourself to SPL in the 110db+ range? I guess its a matter of perspective). This is conditional on the amount of feedback used, and the load impedance and will usually be LESS! heh. Its a good thing that for conventional dynamic headphones not even 1/8W will get your headphones singing loud enough for all but the most hardcore. 

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Thanks for all the info.


I ask because I'm thinking real hard of getting a pair of LCD 2's, and they seem to need a few watts to properly power them.

At the AZ meet last weekend, we had a member bring his Leben 600, which has just under a watt output at the headphone

jack. The LCD's sounded OK out of it, but much better when he hooked them up directly to his speaker outputs.


I tried his LCD's on my Bijou, and it seemed to drive them fine, but after hearing the differences on the Leben, I'm wondering

if my Bijou really has enough to drive them with authority.

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How does the power consumption compare with the LCD 2's versus HD800's and T1's?

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Im 50/50 on the whole driving orthos thing. 


I generally take a very minimalist/low power approach to headphones, and IME it sort of works with orthos although I do generally prefer orthos when driven from an amp that can put several watts or more into 8ohms.


I should also note that I prefer my HD800 from an OTL amp to orthos from pretty much anything. I prefer the soundstage-width on the HD800, and Frequency response between them is close enough to EQ.

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Originally Posted by vlb View Post

So it won´t do any good as long as the ps is in a separate box?

Theoretically if the ps is in a separate box, the emf caused by it would will not affect the amp box(and therefor its components) so no. But if u have some lying around just use them, remove as much variables from the equation as u can :P

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I have a Bijou and LCD 2's.  It does not drive them to my full satisfaction.  It's close but not quite a cigar.  See http://abtests.org/ns/hpamps/8.html


My Bijou






Here's how I fit it in that small case



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Im finaly doing the last work on the case, but I want to be done with all mods (for now) before I close the lid.

Im going to try 6n30p and 6n6p.

Ive got some spare power since Im using 2 hammond 370daz.


Would the 6n30ps benefit from higher bias than regals mod?

If so, can you recomend resistor values?



Would it be possible use 6n6p as input tubes?

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Does anyone know how much current the ecc99 and 6n6p output draws?

How much current does the power supply with ez81 offer?

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u mean heater current? if yes both need 800mA

Y is it important how much the psu will offer?


PS u cannot use 6n6p as input tube :)

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No I mean HT current. I built my bijou as dual mono with one 370daz per channel so Ive got some spare power.

Im reading "valve amplifiers" by M.Jones and I think Ive "mastered" the calculations to bias the input tubes, so I want to know how much current B+ will deliver.

But I gues Im being lazy, some power resistors a osciloscope and some spare time will give me the answear.

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Oh i see :) would love to make some measurements for u but currently i dnt own an oscilloscope :(

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My Bijou has a new face.


Bijou new face.jpg


I also added a three-way power switch with front panel acces. The old, blue faceplate is still there, with the controls

still mounted to it. The new one mounts over the old one.

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Did you farm that out or did you do that yourself?


Lot's of personality!



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