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as i remember the bass only BEGAN to show up at about 175 hours. these things truly settle in between the 200 and 300 mark.
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I own this K701 for just about a week ago, and I'm 2nd or 3rd owner...
they break the magic circle, and the original owner has no clue, how long this K701 burned in... or perhaps they never burned in - they simply just use it for normal use. So I was under perception, this can is fully burned in, but they just sound ... -alright-

Do I need to burn this K701 for another 300 hours?
I'm afraid to over-burned this can, and past over the magic moment
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I don't think that you can over-burnin. It just keeps getting better!
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I think Capunk might mean that he "wasn't there" to discern the transformation in sound due to burn-in.
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