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Blue Jeans Cable

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Been reading many posts here about cables and just wanted to pass on the following:

I placed my order Sunday, 12/16, for my LC-1 cables and received them today, 12/19.

Even though they are part of my Christmas present I had to take a peek and they are awesome looking cables! Alot more flexible than many posts here indicated.

Don't hesitate to purchase from this company. Outstanding service!!!

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Ditto. They made both my optical and my speaker cables. Both are good quality cables. Although, I have to say that my speaker cable (14 ga) is VERY unflexible as well.
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Their MINI->RCA cables helped tame a really nasty radio pickup problem I was having with my amp, replacing another shielded cable which apparently did jack. Highly recommended.
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i just got some Van Damme Twin Hifi Interconnect Cable and Neutrik gold plated phono plugs. from robert schofield audio

in the same price bracket as the BJC LC-1

going to see how they stack up. oh and some out law PCA interconnects
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I agree, they have great cables, do custom work to your needs, ship extremely fast and if you ever decide a cable is not for you they have a no-questions asked return policy... A lot more than what is standard of most companies these days.
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Originally Posted by kunuggs View Post
Although, I have to say that my speaker cable (14 ga) is VERY unflexible as well.
14 AWG unflexible? I'm using four runs of Belden 5T00UP 10 AWG wire to passively bi-amp my mains.
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I just purchased a 6 ft toslink cable from BJC. I heard of them a few years ago when I started researching home theater. I was encouraged to try their 5.1 ch set of cables for SACD/DVD-A. I wound up going with acoustic research's pro II set, but I wonder if I ever move up the "source chain" (and speaker chain as well) if these might be the way to go.
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