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Comfort issue with Equation Audio RP-21

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They are a little too tight on my head. After about 10-20 minutes of wearing them, it starts to hurt.
1) Is there a method to break them in properly so they will loosen up?
2) Or is my only solution to get better pads? If so, whats a cheap pad that will get the job done?

Im also finding the stock pads too think because my ears are in contact with the grill. Is this normal or.....? and no i don't have monkey ears LOL
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Get yourself a pair of Beyerdynamic's pleather pads. They make a big difference in comfort and will lift the drivers away from your ears since they are thicker than stock. A must do mod in my book when it comes to the RP-21s.
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how much are they and where can i get them? I live in Canada btw...
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If it's just the clamping force, I'm pretty sure the headband just has a metal strip in it that you can gently bend out to decrease the pressure.
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When not in use, install/clamp them around a small box or something to keep them open, This will eventually help in loosening them. You can at the same time white/pink burn them in...

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thanks guys
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@AFG34, or someone else, do the beyer dynamic pads fit solidly to the RP21's?


I find that the stock pads are particularly hard and uncomfortable as they do not mould to the shape of my skin like other pads do usually.


I also find it negatively affects the bass response (I have to hold the ear pieces tighter against my head to hear the full bass response) because they dont fit snug against the skin I find air escapes the small gaps which also reduces sound leakage and comfort.


These headphones are pretty awesome, I certainly would hate to have to buy cans that are triple the price of these just for comfort.


The m50's I compared them too were much more comfortable I wish I could use pads like those but they are the wrong shape.


Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.





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I have both the Beyers and RP-22x and I have successfully exchanged the pads between them. Also, if the headband is anything like the RP-22x, I wouldn't recommend forcing it too much, since the headband is unfortunetly only plastic. My headband broke 2 years after the purchase, that's why I bought the beyer's afterwards.

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Thanks for the feedback.


Were the pads from the dt770's? That would be most excellent.


Regarding the headband, If anything I wish it were a bit tighter on my head, I'm hoping with different pads they will fit more solid on my head cause as I mentioned I have to push them closer to my ears (maybe 3mm or so, not much, but it makes a huge difference, maybe 2-3db in bass boost, and thats alot tbh..


Are the dt770 thicker than the Equation pads?



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