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This weekend I've bought a Technics EAH-500 - they looks the same except the Technics name on the headband. Pretty nice sound I'd say - the drivers are pretty big too. I put some fotos if I find time.
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Are these dynamics?
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Yep, the're dynamic - the drivers have some triangular symbol on, are made in Japan and are 125 Ohms. Other numbers on them are EAS-5P07A and K922. Magnet size is 33mm, driver size 51mm.
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I've founs some new infos:
They were mentioned in Popular Science from November 1979 along w few others:
Popular Science - Google Bücher
Also the productions year is about 1979.

In this article we found a little table where stays:
They weren't expensive - 40$ at the time - less then AKG's K141
They're open type.
125 Ohms
Sensitivity 0,6V/100dB
Distortion 0,5%
Weight 8,2 Oz
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just received an eah-520
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any good? They are duo-cone (whatever that means)
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not much bass, nice besides that. i need to find some foam earpads
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Thats interesting - EAH-500's bass is the best thing about them - its punchy and very low ( thanks to huge driver diameter, I guess)
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I've made a quick comparision between EAH500 and my Revox (DT880). In terms of details and soundstage Revox are ahead, BUT: in terms of bass depth and impact the EAH500 are noticeably better!

I tested it on Chemical Brothers "Surrender" and Björk tracks.
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spent some time with the eah-520

sound is decent, bass and mids have good texture, highs are just ok. smallish soundstage. compared to the pioneer portables of the day (se-2, 4, and 6) i give the edge to the pioneers, especially in the bass and comfort. mids and mid highs belong to the panasonic
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Some better photos

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Mine arrived, boxed and like new. Initial sound impressions are not great with a lack of detail and muddy bass. The original warranty is still there and is dated in 1980.


            4774248356_e23b28de66_m.jpg     4774248696_55b33e8abf_m.jpg   








EDIT - I am getting the bass now, rocking!

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I'm reviving this old thread because this is the best info on these headphones on the entire web.

I got interested in the vintage headphones and EAH500 caught my attention as it's listed on the 416 headphone museum list and there was a recent cheap ebay listing that I lost as I was trying to enter last minute from my cell phone and the connection was too slow!


My question is RE: the frequency response on the band. Looks incredibly flat, but not sure of the scale on the dB. Is this within 3 dB or more like 10 dB?

How about sensitivity. Is Ipod good enough for those?

I'm personally using Sony MDR-V6 and think they are reasonably flat and sound great for my (non-audiophile) listening. Is this going to be an upgrade from Sony?

I like Sony for deep bass, high sensitivity (anything can drive them), sound isolation, and comfort.

The only things I don't like about Sony the trebles are very sharp (peaky near 10kHz) and roll over way before 15 kHz:




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