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Thanks, gentlemen. Looks like I have a pair of CV4033's for sale, then.
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Does anyone know if I can use the Russian 6F12P (6Ф12П) tubes with the little dok mk3?

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Doesn't look like the specs are the same, definitely a different tube that the usually 6AK5's used in the LD MK3/4.


Those are Triode-Pentode and the 6AK5 is a Sharp cutoff pentode.



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I want to order the little dot MK III, but before I do a couple of questions for you pros.
I am a complete newbie to tube rolling and I will be running my beyerdynamic DT1350’s with the amp and was wondering if the upgraded tubes available at order are a good choice?
Or is it better to get stock tubes and buy upgrades after.
2x 5654/5725: 20 USD
2x 6H6PI/6H6n: 35 USD
Upgrade and replace stock 5654 driver tubes with M8100/CV4010: 45 USD

after reading this thread i was considering Electro-Harmonix 6h30Pi and Mullard CV4015's.
what says you pros?

Thank you

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After a ton of rolling I've decided the Tung Sol 6AJ5 tubes are my favorite.


Ive tried:


Western Electric 403b

LM Ericsson 403b

Mullard M8100

Mullard M8161 (EF92) (MK IV only)

Telefunken 6AK5W

Raytheon 6AK5

Russian Military 6X1Π-EB

Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV


It's really all preference. I would order stock tubes since upgrades can be much cheaper on ebay and online tube stores.

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Tried a number of others as well, and also came to the conclusion that Tung Sol 6AJ5 suits me the best.
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I think best of vacuum tubes is Mullard M8161/CV4015. Excellent sound. Voshod sharper less melodic. 
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The Tung-sol 6AK5W and 6AJ5 have a nice extension on the low end which really suites my taste. Definitely not neutral if that's what you're looking for.

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Here comes a very noob question:


What are the differences between the bigger tubes in the back and smaller tubes in the front?

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Of all the good tubes I heard, my personal preference goes to CV4015.

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Mine is definitely the Tung-Sol 6AK5W, just got a new pair from 1951 and its nice and meaty on the low end.

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is there any sort of semi-consensus on some of the best tubes for this amp?    list of the top 3 or 4 maybe?

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I'm partial to the ones in my sig.


Other favs on here are: GE 5654/5 star, Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV, and Mullard 8100.

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Originally Posted by mac336 View Post

is there any sort of semi-consensus on some of the best tubes for this amp?    list of the top 3 or 4 maybe?


A list of top tubes must be a personal list. I agree with mab1376 for the Voskhods and the Mullards, haven't heard the GE5654/5Stars. My personal favourite two would be 1) CV4015, 2) Mullard M8100 (with logo). I would add the Tung Sol 6AJ5 as great lower gain tubes. But the best is you read about the tubes in the thread and find out which ones suit you.

And don't forget the power tubes.

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I recently bought a Little Dot MKIII.  After some reading of this thread I think I have a version 1.  It has switches for tube types instead of jumpers.  What are my options for power tubes?





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