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Originally Posted by n5750547 View Post

Hello all,


Anyone here have D5000 which they are using with the MkIII? Or would the Mk1+ be a better match for them?





Hey Phil iam having somewhat the same problem as you, i bought a little dot mkIII for my D2000.

And later found out that the little dot can go to 32ohm, i looked on the little dot forum and read that the MKIII powers the 25 ohms no problem.

David told people there that its best that you order the MKI if you only have low impedance ones, the MKIII would do fine on low and high impedance ones.

I would search on the little dot forum if i where you, you can find like 5 posts on the same problem.

I read allot of people experiencing problems with the mark IV and the Denons, something with background noise.

So i wouldnt go for that one.


I can tell you if the mkIII works as soon as it gets here, but that might be a while (week or so).

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Could ef93 and ef94 tubes be used? I looked the up and they are similar to all other families. And if not, what will happen to my amp if I still use them? blink.gif This rolling is so addictive that I find myself running out of different tubes I can roll. Cheers, Cas

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How much money did you burned?

5654, CK5654, GL5654, 5591, CV4010, CV5216, CV8246, 6069, CV10442
EF95, M8100, 6AK5W, CV10100, CV8159, CV8225, CV850
If jumpers are covering pins 2 and 3 (EF92 side) the following EF92 type driver tubes may be used:
EF92, 6CQ6, CV2023, V884, VP6, M8161
EF91, 6AM6, CV10327, CV138, CV1955, CV2195, Z77
CV131, 9D6, W77
These tubes are not on the list.

6AU6 = EF94  


I am a bit surprised that you are running out of different tubes to try.  




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Hi John57 and all,
I have been corresponding with a seller on EBay who restores old tube equipment. According to him, there is one tube that he feels can be a substitute for 6AK5 - 6AJ5. Here is what he wrote:
"6AK5 is the substitute for 6AJ5 per RCA tube manual.
both are the same pin-out, and same plate size, look the same.
All the other substitutes look different.
6AJ5 is slightly lower gain, which often means it would improve the bass slightly.
A friend tells me plugging in 6AJ5s sounds better.
6AK5 is a practically equal replacement for 6AJ5.
From looking at the specs these tubes seem very similar. Plate voltage is 180V for 6AK5 and 120V for 6AJ5 - the rest of the specs seem very similar.. If you click on the link you will be able to access the specs of the 6AK5 tube according to the RCA tube manual at the end of the page.
I do not have the technical knowledge to evaluate if the Little Dot MKIII will work with these tubes. Is there somebody out there who can answer the question if the 6AJ5 tubes will work in the MKIII?
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I read the same thing and it does seem to be possible. You might have to readjust the gain switches. It is a close but not exact match. Of course that you will leave the tube jumpers to the 6AK5 position.

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Hi John57,


I asked David of Little Dot, but he would only say that since they have no experience with this tube they cannot recommend it.

Would be interesting to try, but could it damage my amp?

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Agree with the assessment that it would be difficult to exhaust all the possibilities of tube rolling the MkIII. There are so many tubes out there, and so many variants, even from the same manufacturer. In addition you must take into account the synergy between different power tube-driver tube combinations.


Yesterday I was in for a real surprise. I was listening through my speakers to a 1924 Louis Armstrong recording. These recordings were done acoustically with the musicians blowing into a large horn with a pick-up that made a groove into a 78 rpm recording master disc. This was a direct-to-disc recording with no editing possible. One of the jobs of the recording engineer was to place the musicians at different distances from the horn so that the softer sounding instruments were closer to the horn, and the louder instruments further away. Needless to say, this was all mono recording with one channel only, and the sound of all the instruments appears to come from one point.

As I was listening I realized that there was a sound stage, and that I could make out in my mind who stood at the right, center and left side. First I thought that this CD was one of these fake stereo recreations, but when I pushed a button on my receiver to bypass my MkIII preamp, the sound stage collapsed into one point.

I checked out this phenomenon using my headphones only, and the sound stage was there as well, but not as wide as with my speakers. Chalk up another feat to the Mullard M8100/CV4010 tubes!

(Power tubes 6N6P 1975 Novosibirsk)

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The little dot just arrived, boy does it sound good with the Denons.

biggrin.gif im happy.

Was going to order the RCA tubes for more bass, but i think its better to get a pair that generates less.


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Changes are that you will not damage your amp but not with 100% certainly. It is more likely that the problem that you might run into is than the tube will distort. On the other hand the tube could work out well. I do not know what are operating voltages are with the Little Dots products but my feeling is that some Little Dot designs do not push the limits of the tube as hard as other designs from other makes.

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Hey Mordy,

Thanks for the reply.

Sorry I'm late to respond, I've been out for a while. I'll keep a look out for the deals on Ebay.

Right now I really enjoy both the RCAs and the Mullards. They are great for different reasons.
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back from holidays!

And new Voshkods were waiting on my table.

They sound beautiful from very start, the best EF95 tubes i was listening to.

No harsh highs, lovely mids and awesome, punchy and exact bass.

Just love them.

And at Yen Audio @ eBay they should be only for 24USD, they had some wholesale.

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But why pay $24 for two when you can get 10 for $20?


edit: i love the voshkods on my LD1+

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they should be only for 24USD


rolleyes.gif  This made me lougth for a while.. We both know why wink_face.gif


Buy the way, which year were your tubes made ? I'm just curious because I've tried several times to fallen in love with mine (1975's) and every time ended preferring CV4010 over 6J1P-EV..

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Same thing here - can't get to like my 1973 Voshkods even though they improved after 120 hours of burn in.

The Mullard EF95/CV850 and M8100/CV4010 sound much better through my cans or speakers.

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Hi D,


The Little Dots amps come from China. My assumption is that the same quality amp as the Little Dot MkIII would go for at least five times the price if made in the US.

The owner of the company is David ZheZhe. I assume that he has a Chines first name as well, but it is very common in business to use a name that is easy to pronounce and recognize.

In any case, he answers any question right away, and provides excellent customer service.

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