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Since my Little Dot MKII was new and was waiting on the new driver tubes which one set never came in turn delayed my tube rolling. I just put the stock Beijng 6N6-T in the trash. I will keep the stock 6JI for backup until I am able to procure a new driver tube set.


P.S. There are some people in this forum that thinks that Chinese tubes are fine and other tubes just maybe be an improvement. By the same token there are  people that believe both Russian and Chinese tubes are bad.  I find that the Russian tubes so far have very good sound for the price.

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Hi John57,


Don't take me wrong - Chinese tubes are excellent in many applications, but I was specifically referring to the tubes that fit the Little Dot MkIII. (The latest issue of Stereophile magazine has an interesting article about Chinese tube manufacturers and tube manufacturing.)


As far as power tubes for this amp I do not know of any other tubes that fit than Russian and Chinese made ones.

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I was thinking about a few things that I was saying in my pervious posts and I realize that the “barrel effect” ringing or to some an echo effect may give someone an impression of a larger sound stage that is not really there. However I prefer that sound equipment to reproduce the reverberation field of the room that is in the recording like a large hall, cathedral, theater or a small room. Some modern day recording artists sometimes over mike the recording and the reverberation field gets lost. Both of my Little Dot amps have their own DAC’s feeding into it from a single source, my Juli@ audio card. My Behringer SRC2496 is the master and my Radio Design Labs HR-DAC1 is the slave using a AES/EBU connection. I am using internal timing not source timing and set the resample rate at 88.2k at 20bits which gives me the best sound to my ears. I am waiting on my next set of driver tubes to roll.  

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Hi all,


Here is a cheap method of getting the oxidation off the pins from old tubes:


Forget about expensive chemical treatments and solutions! Take a little pen knife, utility knife or similar and scrape the pins gently. Works like a charm! Cost; $0.00


Tried a 46 year old tube today (OK, so I am older..). There was a slight crackling sound. I was worried that I had bought a defective tube. Then I remembered the above mentioned trick, spent 30 seconds scraping the pins gently, and no more crackling!


Sometimes you try a tube and there is no sound at all. Before you throw out the tube, try this method. It may help to get the tube going.


(If you want to read the scientific article where I got this information, google "Making contact with your tubes" and you will bring up a PDF file with this article.)

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Thanks for good advice.

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Hi all,


I purchased a Little Dot MK III from a fellow Head-FI'ER about a week ago.  Currently I am using RCA 6AK5 drivers and Sovtek 6H30PI power tubes.  I am impress with the clarity, sound stage and detail of this combination.  I have read good things about the Mullard 8100/CV4010.  I think I might want to add this tube next. I am haunted by the warm "tuby" sound  of  the Class A amp I bought in the 80s and eager to find a tube with a similar sound signature.  I see a few 8100/CV4010 tubes selling on Ebay for $24.   Is Ebay really the best place that get tubes?   Have anyone been able to find these for less?  What sound can be expected from the Amperex 5654 or 6JIP-EV ? 


p.s.  Mordy, I'm still looking for that $8 a pair tube.  I just don't believe it will be found on Ebay. 


Thanks all



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Hi G~mann,


Man, you got to have patience to find the bargains. I do admit though that the prices are creeping up, and I am sometimes paying up to $8.00 per tube. I also admit that to get the lower price you have to buy more than 2 tubes at a time, maybe four or eight.

Recently I bought several Mullard  M8100/CV4010 tubes for less than $5.00 each. They have not arrived yet, but once I get them I'll give them a listen and let you know how it turned out.


Some time back I bought a lot of some 20 6AK5 tubes. One of the tubes was an Amperex 6AK5/EF95 tube made in Gt. Britain. The etched factory code indicated a Mullard tube made in the Mitcham Factory in 1967.

A couple of weeks ago I found a single Amperex tube on Ebay. To my surprise it was the exact same tube I had, with the same factory matching date. I bid the minimum and won it. (Tip: sometimes auctions that end on Saturday evening or on National Holidays fetch lower prices, because people are probably busy with other things than watching auctions end.)

So now I have a "matched pair" of Amperex tubes that look exactly like my Mullard EF95 tubes. Burned them in for around 50 hours, but the sound was different than my Mullard tubes - don't know why; maybe they were made to different specifications or just a different batch. Here goes:

Pros; Detailed sound with sweet midrange, voices very convincing, fairly wide sound stage and fairly good bass.

Cons: Upper range has too much energy, somewhat shrill sounding. Tried to tame it by switching from 6N6Pi power tubes to 6N6P tubes, with some improvement. The bass is a little flabby and diffuse, and these tubes do not seem to have a real good grip on the bass. Almost no response to the bass controls on my receiver.

Pretty good tubes in general, but ultimately not truly satisfying to listen to.

Just remember, YMMV.


About the Russian 6J1P-EV tubes: Some people seem to think that they exaggerate the bass and the treble, while others love them. Since they are so inexpensive, you could easily try them out and decide for yourself how they perform in your system. There is a recent post (#2430) from AlexRoma that indicates that these tubes need much longer burning in than others. (BTW, regular tubes should be good for 2000 hours; the EV rating means that they should last up to 5000 hours.)

Have fun!


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Thanks for the info.  Are the Mullard  M8100/CV4010 tubes you bought still available at $5.00.  I really believe this is the tube I want to try next.  I do not think I heard a negative review about them.





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Hi G~mann,


I bought the tubes on an auction, but the listing is gone.




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Everyone would like some 5$  Mullard M8100/CV4010 tubes ... I had been looking this thread from the very beginning, and there is a constant positive impression about these tubes.. 


If the were a Head-fi top-list classification on MKIII tubes, Mullard M8100/CV4010 would have been the Nr1.  

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Hey AlexRoma, I noticed that too.  Being new to all this, I really don't want to spend $24 for a pair them though but if I don't find the M8100 cheaper soon then I just may.


Although, I must say that the RCA 6AK5 \ Sovtek 6H30P combo really sound great.  I notice that I am "digging it" more and more, the longer  I listen to them.


I guess you can say that I am simply enjoying the bliss of my ignorance. smile.gif



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Hi G~mann,


Don't blame it on ignorance - the main thing is that YOU enjoy what you are listening to. The beauty of tubes is that they are not entirely predictable, and the same tube sounds different in different systems.

I have some RCA tubes from the 70's, and they have a very nice sound overall. No experience with the Sovtek 6H30 yet. The cheapest I found is $25 each + $6 shipping. So far I am resisting to pay that much.


Does anybody have experience with the 6N6P-IR power tubes?  Any comparison to the 6N6P and 6N6P-i power tubes?

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Hey Mordy,


What is said earlier about bliss was a play on the saying "Ignorance is bliss?"


I have a pair of 595s that I really like.  I have not heard the 600s or 650s so I do not know what I am missing.  I am good with that.


The RCA tubes that I have sound great - clean, detailed and very neutral,  a bit too neutral  but I like them maybe because I do not know how any other tube sound.


Ignorance to better cans and tubes are bliss at the moment, but once I hear better, I'll want better.  Right now I'll just enjoying what I have.

I've been checking out the Russian 61JP on Ebay.  They are priced decently.   I may pick up a few of these.  Maybe trade the extra here on Head-fi or sale them straight up here or on ebay.






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Hey AlexRoma,


How are you liking the Russian 6J1P-EV tubes?


I looking at picking some up on Ebay.



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I've been quite pleased so far with my MK III. I use it primarily with a pair of HD 650's and really enjoy the combination.


After reading through this thread I ordered the following tubes:


Sylvania 6AK5/5654 Black Plate O Getter

Mullard CV4010

Hytron 6AK5

Electro Harmonix 6H30pi


Thanks to all for your notes.



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