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Hey guys,

I'm new here, so bear with me.

It's almost Christmas, and I am determined to buy a great set of headphones for the holidays. Basically, my budget is strictly 200 dollars, so I have narrowed my choices down to two that I like:

Sennheiser 595s
Audio-Technica ATH ANC7

Now, from the reviews I've read, the Audio-Techs doesn't seem that bad in both sound quality and noise cancelling. Besides, the noise cancelling feature something else that attracts my attention.

Without doubt, the Sennheisers are better. However, since my budget does not allow a source better than a mere Ipod, I have the following question:

Due to the source(Ipod), would I be able to tell a significant difference in audio quality between the ATH ANC7s and the 595s? If not, I might just save 50 bucks and go with the Audio-Techs.

Also, could you guys recommend me some other headphones?

I am really hoping to learn from y'all.

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What type of music? Where will you listening? ie home, bus, school etc...

Those few questions will narrow the choices quite a bit.
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