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Originally Posted by PFKMan23 View Post
It does help though that a cell tower is right next to my dorm.
and get blasted by constant radiation just a few meters away!
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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post
I dont know about now, but 2 years ago I went on a road trip through the boondocks in Nevada with some friends. All in all, we had Sprint, AT&T, and my Verizon phone.

I was often the only one with service.
VZW still lets u roam through analog towers, big advantage in the countryside. They trying to face it out though, bastards!
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Made the switch to AT&T and the I-Phone so far so good and i find that
this thing is amazing sure frees up your pockets its like a swiss army
knife for mobile gear.
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I am well pleased with Telenor.
Great coverage and stable network. Not the cheapest one, but it always work.
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I agree that verizon has great coverage, the cost of that being a higher price and paying for features like GPS, however I rarely lose service in the countryside with a Q9c (3g modem probably helps that). Even in lots of buildings in basements I don't lose signal except for basements of malls.
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I started out with LA Cellular and my first phone was as big as an Army walkie-talkie and we carried it in our car. They became Cingular and then they were in-turn bought out by AT&T. Can't complain too much about service. Cingular was the first one out with a great family plan which we still use today. Coverage is huge. Recommend them.
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I had AT&T/Cingular for 7 years and for the most part their service was great wherever I was (suburbs of Chicago and Iowa City). However, I moved to Chicago and service was spotty in my apartment. A year later I moved to a different apartment and the service was terrible. Even if I stood in the street I either wouldn't get a signal or I would drop all of my calls. I switched to Verizon for a month and the service was amazing. I had good signal strength even if I went in the basement or the middle of the apartment (first floor), something that was unheard of with AT&T. Too bad my plan ended up costing ~$125. During my "test drive" period I ported my number over to T-mobile, who I'm with currently. The service isn't as good as Verizon but I still get good signal in my apartment. Also they offer UMA calling, which means I can use unlimited voice over a wifi network for $10/mo. My plan ends up being ~$64+taxes/mo for essentially the same plan I had with Verizon.
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I have verizon and am very happy with it. But I still want an iPhone...
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Being locked into Verizon and craving an iPhone is a terrible feeling. Does anyone know how the cancellation fees work with Verizon?
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I cannot stand CDMA services (since I don't sign yearly contracts and buy unlocked phones instead) and I currently use Rogers in Canada - other option is fido for GSM services - and since Rogers own fido. I would say rogers.
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Is T-mobile the only US company at the moment compatible with the Sony camera phones? (the C-series)? Nobody else uses SIM cards anymore?

Also best service can be narrowed not only to your state, but to your town, or even your block in town. Like for me in Detroit, at my Wayne State campus Verizon has the best service, giving me atleast 1-bar in the basement of buildings!
Just 3 blocks down at the Henry Ford hospital, the best service there is AT&T, where for them they can get a signal from anywhere within the hospital. Though most likely cause the hospital has a contract with them; in putting a sat. tower installed nearby.

So while havingusing my own phone with T-mobile is tempting, I'd like to be able to answer my phone in the basement of the buildings I use often. So I am stuck with Verizon.
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^ I thought AT&T uses gsm?
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AT&T is also GSM.
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OMG?! Now I can finally have a decent camera phone. Always wanted one that could actually replace my cheap generic digital cameras. Was looking at that 8megapixel Sony or the upcoming 12MP one by Sony.
AT&T comes second after Verizon for my area in signal strength; so I won't switching over.
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