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MG Head And Grado RS1 owners READ THIS!

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Here is a quote from an article describing the MG Head's performance with Grado cans, enjoy:

"Sonics in direct hook up to a decent source are truly excellent. The sound is full-bodied, rich and muscular but avoids bloat and drag. It’s typical triode seduction without the common roll-off in the frequency extremes because the tubes are barely coasting. In fact, the sense of robustness and meatiness is nearly pentode. It’s not the lushness and wetness one expects from micro-power triodes -- it’s too big for that. I’d call it fat only if you promise to understand that it’s not slow or thick, merely very saturated and gorgeous, the perfect antidote for tinnitus. Maybe it’s not as airy as the Stax head amp, but you can’t listen to it with the Grados. It’s definitely not as dry as Grado’s own amp or the McCormack. Preferences will vary, but if you like your women buxom and shapely, your dogs large and your plate full, the Antique Sound Lab fits your bill like nothing else I’ve heard under $1000."

"-- if you’re at all into the intimate seclusion that is the headphone experience but don’t have a headphone socket; if you wisely poo-poo the op-amp headphone socket you do have; if you want to hear the magic of tubes on the cheap; if you want travel-ready high-end musicality -- check out the combo that is the hot-rodded MGHead and Grado RS-1s à gogo. They go together like hand in glove. It’s a slice of the higher musical heavens. In my book, it’s also a rather fat slice at that.

...Srajan Ebaen"

And here is the link for the whole article:
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Thanks, hippo, for the article. Very interesting read...........I haven't really listened extensively to the combo yet, even though I do own both, but I know the sound, to my ears at least, is as the article says: very musical! I've been using my portable set-up for the most part, and my RS-1s have been tucked away in their box for awhile now, but after reading the article, I'll have to find time to sit down and really listen.
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hippo, thanks for the article! That's my current setup! Joelongwood, RS1's in the box? Oh, that's right, you have the HP-1's don't you? Definitely take another listen to this combo.
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Thanks for the article!
I have been trying to get a pro review of the head for some time now. (thinking of pairing it with 225's)

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Thanks for the ariticle! My audio guru, Albert gets a mention in the article:

To remain untouched by its ill-informed, judgmental and contagious lure, I quickly field a call to dealer acquaintance Albert at Holm Audio in Chicago.
He really does know his stuff and he is very personable, he is afterall from Chicaaaaago. When I demoed some cans last week, he mentioned to me he drives 2 - 3 hours a day to get to his job (manager at Holm Audio) and enjoys his commute because he looks forward to his job, listening to music/watching movies through hi-end and real hi-end equipment.

Regards - reynman
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I dont have the Grados (Senns instead) but the review is right on with:
1. Fat, fat , fat sound
2. Tinnitus fighter

thats funny Albert drives 3 hours to work.... when I drove 3 hours to get my Head at Holm he said he could have it shipped and save me some travel time.
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