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Cool.... also just discovering into this kind of stuff (not going to say 'IDM', yeech... what a terrible genre label).

Mouse on Mars rock! Go to the amazon.com free downloads page if you want to hear them, there are 5 mp3's there, each one is *gold* and will put a smile on your face!

Another artist I like is Acustic (free tunes here - http://www.systemf3.com/musikside.html) ... gorgeous, whispery sedative microbeats. Hopefully I'll have the cash to investigate a full album at some point (there are two oldies on amazon).

Other than these samples I don't know too much about him ... I found the page looking for Björk-related artists (Matmos, Thomas Knak, Oval all worked on her last album 'Vespertine').

Will probably return to this thread again myself ;-)
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Another great IDM artist is Arovane. Imagine a chilled out, more melodic Ae.
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Originally Posted by Ohoen View Post

Alright then, since nobody has any world music suggestions I'll try to expand in another arena. I've long been a fan of Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin, and based on recommendations here I bought the Bola FYUTI double LP and am loving it. I also have Matmos' "A Chance to Cut Is a Chance To Cure" coming in the mail. Any suggestions for more? I tend to lean toward things that have a stable beat/melody rather than just experiments in soundscapes but I'm willing to stretch a bit.

Wauvenfold - 3Fold

Fizzarum - Monochrome Plural

Nathan Fake - Drowning In A Sea Of Love

Freescha - Whats Come Over You

ISAN - Lucky Cat

Phoenecia - Brown Out

Richard Devine - Cautella

Joseph Nothing - Dummy Variations

Freeform - Human

Arovane - Icol Diston

Arovane & Phonem - AER (Valid)

Plaid - Double Figure

Lexaunculpt - The Blurring of Trees


I could list a ton more here but I won't because I would end up writing a mini novel ha!


if you look for these artists/albums listed above on Youtube it will give you a better idea of their sound than if i went into a lengthy explanation of each one.I fell in love with IDM music back in 2003 (with the discovery of The Richard D James Album as well as Autechres 'Draft 7.30') and am sad to see its not as prominent as it was back then,but there are still plenty of amazing albums out there to be discovered.I hope You like these suggestions.and if you want more suggestions or have any questions feel free to PM me.here are a few songs just to give you some idea from top to bottom theres 1.Richard Devine 'Arc-Acid', 2.Fizzarum 'Phut Of Flex'  3.Freescha 'Smurf Shoe' and 4.Arovane 'Icol Vern'



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