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Originally Posted by Mackem View Post


Just curious as to whether there's a way to fix this easily?

Stuff tiny bits of paper in-between the gaps so it stops moving around? :) I took out my backup pair which has this issue on the left cup and tested and yea it worked. Now I could head-bang with it crazily without any wobblying/noise.

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Finally got to putting these in the classifieds :regular_smile :.  As new condition:



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Originally Posted by RPGWiZaRD View Post

Same bro, same, I'm already having nightmares as to what to do if these breaks and can't get a new pair. :)

Maybe you could get the JVC HA-S680? Boosted bass and mids, and slightly subdued treble. Very clean sound. Or the Ostry KC06a IEMS, they sound surprisingly good as well.

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Hi there, I'm not an EDM listener but Q40 grabbed my attention cause I'm addicted to organic bass (bass guitar, contrabass, organ). I have couple of questions:


- For jazz listeners, do you think contrabass overshadows rest of the instruments? (I def. don't want that)

- Which replacement earpads improves these for classical (soundstage, timbre) most?


You would think these cans are not suitable these genres, but suitable ones oftenly called  "bass shy". IDK what to choose. If you know any affordable can which performs best with acoustic music yet has good bass & subbass  please let me know.

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I find these do also very nicely with acoustic and jazz genres in particular despite being bassy. I'd say it's their organic midrange/non-offensive highs which leads to a very intimate soulful listen for such genres in particular.

For classical, these will sound boxy, as in closed in, somewhat small soundstaging, lack of airiness but they do provide a pretty good sense of depth, just the soundstage is rather narrow and "in-your-face" and you won't get that last bit of "microdetail" often brought up when speaking classical music in tiny nyances in the violin or strings etc. if that's your thing.

They are IMO perfectly suitable for those who want both EDM + acoustic/jazz oriented headphone, to me that's where they shine. I've had trouble finding a replacement headphone despite looking for quite a while now that provide me similar characteristics, especially this organic smooth, lush sound, especially due to the highs lacking ANY kind of graininess or metallic sound to them while still providing a very punchy impactful but reasonably tight and textured bass response. This headphone really captured those things well.

With the standard pads they will be to my ears... slightly too "smooth"/warm which makes them lack a bit highend detail. But it's not really the pads themselves which are the issue but the shallowness. The ears sit like next to the drivers and this provides this very lush smooth signature. I modified mine to add a very thin layer of kitchen papertowel underneath the pads to give the ears slight more room and this helps significantly to add a bit more sparkle and slightly bit improve on the soundstaging. Too thick layer or too far distance between the driver and the ear though and they will lose their organic midrange which is what I especially like. I can't speak for what other pads works great since I'm so satisfied with how this quick mod provided which let me optimize the depth of the pads so the balancing between the mids and highs will be exactly what I'm looking for.

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