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Just for kicks, I swapped the stock pads with Dt880 velour pads and I thought why not post some impressions. Comfort increases significantly, soundstage gets a bit wider, treble a bit more present and airier, but apart from that, the sound honestly sucks biggrin.gif isolation is worsened, bass loses impact (and extension), mids lose their weight, the overall thickness and meatiness in the sound that everyone loves is gone.
They do look better now though wink.gif

anyway, the right side ear cup's wire on my q40's is worrying. It got thin over time because sometimes when I fold the headphone up the wire gets stuck inside the gap between the notches and ear cup.
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Also, just ordered the HM5 thick pads. Should be here in 10-30 days.

Thanks to those who recommended them.. smily_headphones1.gif
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Think you'll like the thick HM-5 pads. I still have them on......and I have been prone to swapping pads on my Q-40 a bit.
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HM5 pads arrived yesterday. Fitting them on was a bit of a problem. It was really tricky and you have to be very patient. But once you get it right, they fit perfectly. 


Comfort just made a huge jump, and so did isolation. They also dont leak as much now. In terms of sound i dont think they altered the sound much, treble may be a bit more pronounced, soundstage is wider but thats about it. Excellent pads, i like them. 

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Hi Guys ,


I have finally started to listen to my q40.

Replaced the stock pads withe the 840s pads. Comfortable enough.(Have the Hm5 pads..but when i ordered the 840s,  HM5 pads was not that much hyped).


Have just listened with it for a few hours. Still cant beat the IEM wooduo2 for bass impact. It goes nice and low though. Nice rumble to the bass. Straight to your chest. Perfect for EDM.


But I notice something quite concerning to me. The bass is a bit pronounced even on songs that shouldnt have any pronounce bass. it seems to add a bassy lining to every song and vocals. Making any lowend notes more pronounced.

Can get a bit tiring.


Is teh Q40 more a specialist headphone?

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