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I don't smoke but I collect Zippos. I was wondering if anyone else collected Zippos and if so what they have. My collection is at home and when I get home on Saturday I will try to get some pictures up over the weekend. My prize is a custom made lighter by an official Zippo artist that I picked up in New Zealand. I also got a bunch of Vietnam Zippos over the summer.
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don't really collect them but i do have a plain 1941 replica... it was the only design that i liked... plain, simple, and i like the shape of the 41 over the other models

one day i'll end up buying an original 1941 model because it would go nicely with my WW2 collection especially if it belonged to a vet who took it with him when he went to war (on that subject a friend's grandfather has the zippo he had with him during the war sitting on the mantle over his fireplace... complete with the 9mm round that got lodged in it)
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I've got a standard Chrome zippo so I can light cigarettes when I'm riding my bike .
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I am not a collector, but I happen to have the 60th Anniversary Zippo.
Which I bought new in 1992

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best lighters ever made simple clean and works in the wind i have the
plain one .
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This thread has inspired me to get a Zippo lighter even though I don't smoke. They are pretty nice things.
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I have a few, not really a collector. Got a couple of standard one's with different designs on, then got a touristy one from Peru. My favourite is from the HMS Lowestoft which was given to my dad whilst using it for target practice for a Tigerfish Torpedo. He used to work for the MOD.
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I've got a slim black matte zippo and this one:

(Yeah it matches my username)

I plan to get this one next:

I would've liked to get my hands on the screaming guitar one from last year, but I can't find it anywhere now.

By the way, i don't smoke; I just like fire.
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went ahead and dug up a pic of mine

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Here is a quick selection of some of my Zippos. Particularly the one of a kind one I bought in New Zealand made by Zippo Artist Paul Flemming. He is recognized by Zippo as an official Zippo artist (had to apply with the company and everything) and makes wonderfully designed one off Zippos you can see at Paul Flemming Custom Zippo Art. Mine has a really cool design around the Zippo motto "Zippo The Spark Became a Legend." but it only reads out correctly when the Zippo is opened.

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More Zippo Pics:

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I picked one of these up off Ebay a while back:

I'm a Yankees fan so I had to have it. I've thought about collecting Zippos in general, but that would just be one more thing for me to spend money on.
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I've got three or four zippos... most are just standard, nothing to write home about, other than those - I have one made of copper, and one I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned up to now...

The (rarer of the two types of) 75th anniversary Zippo - although, being in the UK, my product run was out of 500, not 10,000 or however many it may have been from the US, so - with country coding on - makes it extra rare (well, will with time anyway )
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^Nice Zippo!
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Here's mine. I have other one somewhere, cromed, with a skull, will take pics of it other day.

The question is: who will find what's wrong with this Zippo.
EDIT: Sorry, these pics are HUGE. I'll try to resize them later.
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