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Build your own headphones

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I'm wondering, if it is possible to build headphones completly by myself.

Made some draws of an hifi chassis based headphone with the TangBand Full range driver W2-800SI :


Now my question:

do you have some hints or other ideas to build a headphone completely by myself?
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Don't use speaker drivers as the driver for headphones unless it's a tweeter, there's a few threads on here of using electrostat tweeters as headphone drivers. being that close to your ear AND being enclosed, the low range is amplified majorly, so a full range would be a bit too bass heavy, I've thought of using a ring radiator tweeter for mine, but there's a lot of manufacturers that sell individual drivers for their headphones, or you can get a pair of Turbulent X drivers (the closest thing I've found to aftermarket parts for headphones in that regard, apparently a major upgrade from the original grado drivers they replace). While it is possible to build them completely your self, it's quite a long difficult journey. If it were me trying again, I'd start with wire coat hanger as a headband and just some wood turned on a lathe to make the cups, most other parts can be reused from other headphones, like the earpads and headband cushion, until you get a better idea of how it all fits together and improve your skills at building them.

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I'd recommend DIY electrostats. They are simple (though pretty hard to make I think) and can sound really good.
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