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Jude, the V6 isn't rerally as fatiguing as it is unmusical sounding (I think). I still believe that there is no better closed headphone for the price range, but compared to my Grado SR80's I do find them a bit fatiguing and closed sounding. The fatigue doesn't come from bright treble as a lot of people have complained, but it really can make a bad recording sound absolutely wretched, and I don't like that. The SR80's are much kinder to bad recordings, and they make good recordings sound good. If I had a choice between the two, I would choose Grado (as I think you would too).
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MY (open) reccomendation:
Sennheiser HD-495
But these will need an amp, unlike the V6, which can be powered by almost anything..

And I too have never found my V6's to be harsh or fatiguing.. I was just listening to Mozart's fifth violin concerto on them.. What a joy it was... except I woulda liked a bit more guts from the soloist in the last movement..
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Uh, I was under the impression that the HD-495's don't need an amp, that their only problem was that the pads placed the drivers far away from your ears, making them quieter than they should be.

DOES ANYONE have a specific mod to fix this?
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I would recommend the Beyer DT 250-80. They may be a bit more expensive than the V6, but well worth it. I ordered my Clou Red Jaspis cables for my Senn 580 the other day and I thanked Todd at Headroom about his recommendation about the Beyers a few months ago. He mentioned to me that the Beyers have a better all around sound compared to the V6. The bass may not be as deep, but it is definitely there. It can be run off a portable, but best driven with an amp

We both agreed the Beyer DT 250-80 is one of the most underrated phones in the market.

Regards - reynman
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I find the V6's and MDR7506's Less harsh in the Mids than my SR-60's . Gess the SR-80's and above smooth out in comparrison to the SR-60's I do use Both The Sony's and grados alot and it depends upon the Music and the Listening situation what ones i use. I think Both types are required if you listen to lot's of Different Music.
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considering i want to get Beyer headphones,which should i get for better overall soundT 250 80 OHM,DT 990pro,DT 931.
obs.rice doesn't really matter,since there are all similar priced.
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