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Originally Posted by Tgun5 View Post
I had a 1987 Turbo 2 and I still pine for it. The intercooler went ballistic and the car burned to a crisp. Mazda had a recall on the intercooler for overheating just 2 months after the car burnt.
engine fire is more likely a leaky pulsation dampner on the fuel rail (sitting right above the exhaust manifold)

an intercooler issue shouldn't cause a fire
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Possibly, but the recall spoke specifically to possible engine fire and malfunctioning intercooler. ????

I had alot of fun in that car....remembering the day that a Mustang 5.0 was behind me and challenging me to a run. At a stop light, I was watching the rear view mirror and the passenger was motioning for me to "wind it up". I took off and was moving past 60mph as I hit a turn that the Mustang was'nt negotiating quite as well. I was over 1/8 mile ahead of him and going about 110 when I noticed both of them waving out of thier windows. I slowed down and pulled over to see what they wanted. They jumped out of thier car and asked me "how many cylinders does that car have?" No kidding.
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Originally Posted by wangerin View Post
Simply beautiful.

they are amazing! i have an mx5 and i love it!!!
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Originally Posted by HiWire View Post
Yes, the RX-7 has always been something very special. It has combined the sexy lines of the Italian makes with the reliability and precision of Japanese manufacture. Mazda seems to be particularly focused on the driver experience - their Miata/MX-5 is another success story of hybrid origins. It looks and behaves like a British or other period roadster, and yet it has the price tag, fuel economy, and reliability of a Japanese driving appliance. They recently made the Mazdaspeed MP3/Protege, Mazdaspeed Miata, the Mazdaspeed 6, and the Mazdaspeed 3.

The other Japanese manufacturers make great sports cars, too - witness the success of Nissan, in particular. They have designed, starting as Datsun, the 240Z/Fairlady, the 300ZX, the 240SX/Silvia, the Skyline GT-R, and the 350Z. Toyota had similar success with the MR-2, Celica, and Supra. Now they only make driving appliances for soccer moms.

billybob_jcv, you can always find another 1980 RX-7. It's just a matter of commitment and time. Also, the RX-7 can benefit from modern aftermarket car parts and maintenance methods - apex seals, brakes, clutches and tires have improved a great deal since 1989.
I agree! the Mazda RX7 IMO is indeed one if not the best of Mazda's production cars ever! Especially among the Initial D and drift fanatics. It has a really good RWD platform plus it has a rotary engine. The best of both worlds! Plus it looks really cool! I remember seeing this tricked out FD3S from an Autopartswarehouse, with a twin turbo maxed out rotary engine. Man it was sick!
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I had a 3rd gen 7 when they came out and they were just mean, sometimes in a turn though the second turbo would come on and yeah.....then had an rx-8 when they came out, nice na car, then put a greddy turbo on her and jesus, those rotaries will blow your ear drums out with the big pipes, plus they always shoot flames out
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if their was better reliability and servicing I wouldn't mind owning a rotary.
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