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senn mx400 or mx500?

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senn mx400 or mx500? ... unforunately i cant find the senn. mx-500 at my local audio store. i can only find the senn. mx-400.... does anybody know the diff. between the mx500 and mx400 [i mean ... for sound quality?]


[sorry for double posting..the same question]
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it's isn't firmly established which is better. the mx500 is only a few bucks less cheap, so people (moi included) usually pick that one just because it's top-o-the-line.

just go with the mx400. if it isn't just as good, it's damn near anyway. besides, it's low-profile-black
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I think that they both have the same driver, but the MX-500 has a different color casing (metallic blue) and volume control built-in the cord.
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I've also heard that the only diff between the MX-500 and 400 is the inclusion of a volume control on the 400.

It's up to you whether this feature is useful...
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i had both. i think they were the same except for the volume control. i e-mailed sennheiser about the differences, and they replied that hte mx500 had a frequency response with a higher extension. according to my tests they both had the same treble extension. i'm sure the sennheiser guy wasn't a technical person, because i also asked about the pot in the volume control and he gave a pretty stupid answer.
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