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Studio isolation headphones to prevent headphone bleed

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I'm setting up a mini-studio and so I'm looking for a pair of good-sounding headphones that won't leak into the microphones. They'll probably need to be closed-backed for that purpose.

Imagine a session musician coming in and laying down a delicate fingerstyle guitar part, but he's lost a great deal of hearing and needs to _crank_ the headphones. Also, he slouches over the guitar, meaning that his headphones are dangerously close to the microphone. No, it's not me.

Okay, that's enough contingency planning for now . Assuming that I'll eventually need to buy a fair number of these, it would be nice to keep the cost per headphone at the $100 mark or below. Here are some possibilities:

Sennheiser HD-280 Pro
Sennheiser HD-25SP
Sony MDR-7506
Equation Audio RP-21

Any recommendations about those, or suggestions for other headphones?
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warrior05 on this forum recently placed an order for some M-AUDIO Studiophile Q40 headphones which are designed to be used as studio monitors.

He bought them off eBay who accepted his offer of $115 + shipping for them. Not much is known about these, but supposedly M-AUDIO's studio monitors are pretty good, so hopefully their entry into the headphone market won't be too shabby.
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Monitoring purpose .. the ATH-M50 can also do a great job.

It can be bought off Ebay around $100. Not much review on them but they did won the PAR Excellence award at AES.
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The AKG K 271s are good quality closed back phones which turn themselves off when you remove them from your head. They look nice, and I've read good reviews but I've never heard them myself.
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beyer dt-250 are in the same category and imho are quite neutral (missing the anemic bass of senn hd280's, though -slightly- less isolation).

Oh. $100. AKG 171's?

If you use headphones yourself, a matching pair would be a good idea. If were doing the same thing, I'd buy 250's, and just one or two less to make sure I got the good stuff.
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