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SOLD: Sharp EX-111 1-bit digital amp/CD/tuner mini-system

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OK, back FS. I had put it up before and withdrew it to sell a Trends TA-10.1 amp I had. But I lost the few PM's since it was before the outage.

I liked this better than the Trends amp, a little more power and flexibility. Some aspects of the sound were better with the Trends, but overall this was a better match for me.

But I'm still not using it at all, and it's one of several extra pieces of equipment.

The Sharp sounds smooth and great, very UN-digital; not the last word in resolution and deep bass, but very musical. On top of the sound, it has a vertical-loading CD player of decent quality, a tuner, decent quality speaker binding posts, and even a 1/8" headphone jack. It also has RCA inputs to connect an external source (I used a better sounding CD player plugged into it). Remote control and stylish looks top it all off.

See the Sharp 1-Bit page for more technical info.

This unit makes a great bedroom or other second type of system. Good sound, nice looking, low profile. Add speakers or phones, plug it in, and play music...

I have to find a second box and packing material to ship this, so giving a good discount for local sale. My price is $120 local, $155 shipped. I'm in Northeast Massachusetts, near the NH line near Rt's 93 and 495.

I take Paypal, no fees charged. See my feedback linked below, or on Audiogon as chams_uk.


Todd - skullguise

Pics (first pic a little dusty, sorry; unit is in great shape):

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Bump. Lowered price....
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