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as far as i know, 0404 PCI does not have integrated headamp
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Yes, I'm now between Chaintech and 0404 USB (that version has).
Although 0404 USB costs like $150 and Chaintech $25, so I'll try Chaintech, and as alleyezon_d said, if I'm not satisfied I can use it for bit-perfect transport.
I'm also very excited, I'm getting Audio-Technica ATH-A900 Headphones from shut85!
This leads me to Chaintech again because this headphones need less power.
My first good cans!
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that will give you pretty good sound. you can get the total bithead or beresford as an upgrade next.
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Congrats on the A900. I own a pair as well and I love them for gaming (since I use my stereo setup mainly for music). This is a very wise way to enter the hobby as they are both great products in terms of value!
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Thanks, I'll post my experience when I get back form my trip.
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Help! I need somebody, help! not just anybody...
Chaintech AV-710 is out of stock everywhere... and I already spent a lot of money in other things, like headphones, iem earphones, sansa player...
So I need a cheap card with good dac and opamp, please, any recommendation?
The other way for me is to buy a x-fi and the dac & opamps, and mod it when I return.
(I can't find any good dac or opamp in my country)

Already looked for used chaintech at forums, none available found. (My trip is from 8, tomorrow, to 14)
But I can't find it's sepcs about dac or opamps in most of them...

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I say stick with the realtek, its not bad at all. Save up until you can afford something you know is decent/worthwhile. Rash decisions lead to regrets.
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$35+$15 ship at ebay for a card worth $24, that I should upgrade opamps also... I mean, it isn't expensive but it's like plan B.

And yeah, I'm not getting crazy about it, I can buy something next time, but if you guys know some good cheap card please let me know.
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Originally Posted by alleyezon_d View Post
The Chaintech is not praised for its quality as a soundcard I don't think, but rather as a cheap bit-perfect transport to an external DAC. If I were you I'd keep with the realtek, get an external dac instead of a soundcard and use the SPDIF out from your motherboard to connect them. I'm not 100% sure, but the ALC888 SPDIF out might be bit-perfect as I know my ALC889A is. Some external Dac's also have built in headphone amps and although they are not as good as dedicated amps, they provide a great way to start your journey.
I beg to differ, the Wolfson DAC WM8728 24/192 2-channel mode is a very high quality.
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