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You want some real honest brutal advice?

Try out the higher end dacs in house (not meet condition or briefly at a friend's house). Check out some of the sponsors and see if they'll let you demo it.

Get a SPL meter, level match the volume, then do an extensive comparison (including blind testing). Then and only then will you know if it was truly an upgrade or merely just a side step.

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Thanks Computerstud great idea as with any component. I've found that a particularly tough task with DACs. I notice you live in LA which probably has a lot of vendors with extensive inventory. Even in Houston, I've found very few dealers that actually stock higher end DAC components. I have a relationship with a few, but none seem to stock in a manner that would lend itself to an in home audition.

Perhaps some ability on the net. Good advice though.
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Read the last post for the verdict if you don't want to read the whole thread.
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The new Bel Canto Dac review in the stereophile mentions some impressions relative to the Benchmark DAC-1, although I dont think the reviewer has the recent upgraded DAC-1.
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Here is the link to the relevant section of the review :

Stereophile: Bel Canto e.One DAC3 D/A processor
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Bel Canto e.One DAC3 is priced similarly to the Naim DAC V-1. Anyone heard both and can share a comparison? I heard the V1 and was really impressed with it's subtlety and finesse combined with engaging, dramatic presentation. 


Compared to the Benchmark DAC1 USB, the V1 is a whole other animal -- more refined, more purposeful presentation, superior timing. For me, it added up to more toe-tapping and involvement. But it's also around twice the price. 

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