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Yeah, I need help finding a nice pair of headphones for around $50 that has good sound quality, some noise cancellation and is comfortable. I currently purchased a Sony MDR-XB300 for $50 from wal-mart, and I could of picked up the 500 for the same price elsewhere. I'd like to return the XB300 for something better.
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Yeah there is definitely a need to update the list. Universal IEMs are getting interesting.
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Not to mention nearly half the list are not available any more.
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This list needs to be updated... However it is still a great idea, and if you look you can still find all of those headphones
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Is that price for the K701 still accurate?
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is the price for the ath-esw9 accurate? where to find a pair of esw9 for $280? I got mine for $350.

And i think esw9 should be a "2-amp recommended".
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this list is oooold. someone needs to clean that up. it hasnt been updated since like.. 2 years or what?
The Headphone Buyers Guide is a great idea, but this is almost useless, since prices and availability are nowhere near accurate.
an update would be nice!
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Yeah a lot of great new brands have come out and a lot of headphones have been discontinued. Maybe we should have a new thread for every year or half year? It'd be great if we could have some sort of wiki where opinions can be updated or if something in the manufacturing was changed, possible mods to be done, where to buy replacement parts.

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aw, give the Ultrasone HFI-580's some love =] 

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