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FS: Sennheiser HD580 $125 shipped

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Please read!

I love the comfort of these headphones on my head, but just not feeling the sound - I am a grado gal all the way! So here they are...priced at $!25 shipped paypal in the CONUS, but there is a catch!

The HD580s have been modded with HD600 grills and the sennheiser green paint was stripped off the headband to reveal a sexy matte black finish - these headphones are all black (Although it may look like scratches in the photo, it is just the camera, sorry!) ! The cable is an HD650 cable that was shortened, reterminated in a 1/8" mini plug, and covered with black techflex by skyline889 (he did a beautiful job).

CATCH: For some reason or another one side of the cable does not work. I cannot hear out of both drivers at the same time, and after testing, I found that BOTH DRIVERS WORK, but NOT BOTH SIDES OF THE CABLE. Therefore, the new owner would have to purchase a new cable for these beautiful phones - hence, great deal!

Check out my other listings - also got a black tomahawk on sale here!
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cool. May I ask how you stripped the paint?

Great deal here. A cable is cheap.
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Tons of interest! Just waiting for someone to pay me!

Like I said in the original post...BOTH DRIVERS WORK. I tested both with the side of the cable that worked. If someone knows how to fix the cable, they have nice techflex to work with!
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PM sent!
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These have been sold! Congrats to Heretic0! Great deal for you!
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