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Does having too many pairs of Headphones get you confused?

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Can your ears get confused by using or trying many different pairs of headphones? I just got a new OBH-11SE amp about 2 weeks ago and I really love the amp,but my ears can't seem to decide what headphones sound best with it.

I think it's better when I use one pair for a week and then maybe switch to a different pair the next week. When I try using a different pair every day or the same day,I find myself saying; These don't sound so great anymore,or I think this pair is better than the other one. Years ago, I only used one pair of headphones for years at a time.

But, since the internet and Head-Fi and Headwize my headphone hobby has never been the same. I know it's impossible for everyone to try out and listen to every headphone and headphone amp on the market (unless of course you work for HeadRoom Corp.) but, Yes, it is confusing!!

Any advice or experiences from anyone would be helpful.Thanks.
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Most definitely, having more than one or two pairs of headphones will drive you mad! You will end up listening for differences in equipment and not listening and enjoying the music.

One set of phones, one system, go forth and ENJOY MUSIC!

I own 6 pairs of phones
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Screw that! You can't never have enough headphones and amps!
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It is a decadant luxary having several sets of headphones, but they are relatively cheap as far as audiophile gear goes, and hearing the different sounds of each set helps you appeciate
and enjoy music more.

Think of them as fine wine collection........viva la difference!
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When I try using a different pair every day or the same day,I find myself saying; These don't sound so great anymore,or I think this pair is better than the other one.
Ha It is all part of the headphone hobby .. you can never be satisfied because there simply isn't a perfect 'phone for every application (sans the Sony R-10 and Senn Orpheus).

Anyway, I think it is a good think to have many headphones .. and use the one you feel sounds the best on any given day. I sometimes switch headphones just for different songs on the same CD or like DarkAngel mentioned, to hear different things.
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Originally posted by kerykeion

you can never be satisfied
nah, nonsense, perfectly satisfied. it's just fun to get better stuff and see the sound improve. it's a hobby without an end tho

damn thing is, all headphones are reasonably affordable, specially compared to speakers. it's only a bit more to get the top-o-the-line (not counting Stax here), and if it sounds better, why not?

I'm keeping it at one headphone tho. my 565 is fully capable of handling everything you can throw at it. it's not too portable, or closed, but near perfect for everything else.
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What has happened too often with myself is; I'll buy 2 or 3 different headphones that cost only $30-$40 and may like only one of them or dislike all 3 and end up returning them. I have found that the more expensive ones or better quality ones are the headphones I go back to most often; Like the AKG-K401 or the Grado SR125.

But then sometimes I'll use the Koss UR30 or AKG-K66 and think they sound great,and maybe they are better than the 401's or 125's.

I've also tried to compare all of my headphones with one CD as a reference. But, I think that can also add to the confusion,because not all CD's and recordings sound the same,especially different styles of music.
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I think it would be GREAT to have several headphones (I only have...uh....3 ).

I mean, different headphones present music differently - I'd prolly love classical music on Senns, and rock hard with Grados....and....well, just ask joelongwood
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So, what would satisfy? ahhh the next pair of headphone
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I find that having so many pairs of headphones is definitely confusing to my ears. I try to rotate each pair on a fairly regular basis, but I often find myself enjoying one pair for an extended period of time. When I switch to another pair, I immediately find them to be too bright, or too harsh, or too dull, or too distant, or too forward in comparison. It takes awhile to get used to the new sound.........but, over time, the differences are enjoyable because with each headphone I get a slightly different listening experience. I think, rather than better, each one is just different. But it does get confusing.
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I have several pairs of headphones, but I don't get confused because each pair is for a specifc location/situation. V6s at work; 580s at home; KSC-35 occasionally when working out; Etys when I need complete isolation, and sometimes at home; 200s for gaming.
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I never even knew I wanted more than one pair of headphones until I started visiting this site! I like the fact that they (cans) are affordable relative to floorstanding speakers, and offer certain other advantages as well. But I do think its important to exploit their affordability by buying as high a quality a headphone as you can manage. Headphones can reveal recording and performance detail that floorstanders just cant match- if you have shopped wisely. I think its great to have a 'home can' and a 'road can'. In my case that would be CD3000's and the Grado 325. Then you might throw in another purchase.. you know.. to help the economy *cough* in this difficult time.
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Having many 'phones is definitely very confusing ultimately...just when you think you've got the right 'phone for you, another one comes along and totally makes that previous 'phone just sound bad. But then if you go back to that other 'phone a couple of nights later without listening to your new 'phones, that old 'phone starts to sound fine again. The only headphone that I have that has stayed consistent to my ears is the R10s. It's very consistent at blowing away all my other headphones.
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I guess I am pretty monogamous: once I like a new headphone better than previous ones, I just like it best. And there is no turning back. From time to time, I compare my beloved Beyer 770 Pros to my previous favourite, the 990 Pros, once again, but I always feel that there is more magic and realism with the 770s. I guess, it is easy to get tempted by certain aspects of a headphone's sound, but, to me, comparing headphones is not so much about comparing aspects of the reproduction but comparing the whole package.

I admit, it can get a little boring, if one feels that a certain headphone is consistently more enjoyable. Especially for us audiophiles, the search is part of the fun, isn't it? I mean, look at poor Vertigo there: always having to listen to his glorious R10s. This just has to be boring by now. Actually, I am a little bored with my Beyer 770s as well, and I don't know the R10s. Hey, I just have this idea. Vertigo, don't you want to hear something new as well? Wanna trade?
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Too many cans? Each has its place!!
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