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Amp for Beyer DT770 Pro 80

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I have searched around and I THINK I like the Leckerton Audion UHA-3. Anyone have an opinion on quality, price value?

My X-Fi is holding my can's back
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So you need proper source as well?
You could wait for upcoming:
- Headamp PICO
- RSA Predator
- iBasso D2
- Unnamed next gen - Corda Move.

Leckertron UHA-3 is reviewed by Skylab, and he quite like it.
Personally I don't like how's it look, but it supposed to be alright.
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Originally Posted by Capunk View Post
So you need proper source as well?
My X-Fi i/o front 1/4" output is not a proper source I take it...

I'm also noticing that all my MP3's suck, even with my unamped DT770's.

Should I look for a DAC?
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i'm in the same boat as you.. I want to buy an amp for my dt770's... I have no clue about these amps at all. I think the C&C box ones are suppose to be good thou? but i dunno
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I have read mixed reviews about the C&C Box v2 and not any reviews on the Box+. I really want an amp but I don't want to regret it either.

Tough decision...
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yeah.... I also have a creative XFI sound card in my computer also. let me know if you find anything out.
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Since my ceiling is $200 I think im going to be forced into the LDII+ (v2). A little concerned about the heat. 336i is to much for my first amp; Leckerton is sold out. This sux.

If I was smart I would leave head-fi while im ahead. It seems like the longer you hang around the more money you spend.
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im in the same boat. I recently got DT770's and am not sure if I should get an amp or not. I will probably hold off for a while but i would only want a portable one...
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Ive asked this question before, and if your looking for a home amp a good suggestion I got was the Beresford TC-7510 DAC/amp

As for a portable solution, beats me.
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As I posted in the other thread, the Meier HeadSix really sounds great with the DT770.

If you want desktop, look into a used Pimeta or Meier HeadFive.

Simpler solid state amps are all that you really need with the DT770.
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I have my DT770 paired with a Meier Porta Corda III (there is one for sale in FS for $80) and the combo sounds excellent to me. Directly out of my mac mini, the DT770's were weak, unimpressive. With the porta corda, it rocks.
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are u using the 80 ohms version or 250?
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i am using 250ohm version with my UHA-3,
, it sounds quite nice with high gain setting.
yet i am stilling looking for a desktop amp to pair with it~~
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Originally Posted by masta7100 View Post
are u using the 80 ohms version or 250?
me? 80 ohm
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Last night I think I stayed up to late.

At about 7 AM CST I sent Jasmine my money for a DV 336i. I like head-fi so instead of buying an $80 amp selling it, then buying $200 amp selling it, then finally forking up money for what I really want; I decided to do it all at one time. From what I have read here, the DV 336i has a cult following.

I have the 80 ohm version but i'm just getting started. As long as the wife does not lynch me when the package arrives you will see me hanging around here for some time to come.
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