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You said that you didn't want an amp for now but how about considering an Altoids tin amp or a Total Airhead? They're about the size of a standard casette case.

If you have an amp you have a lot more options. You could get a pair of HD 600s or something similar...
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Originally posted by coolvij
Does the V6 provide as much detail as the 580? out of say - a DBSE CHA47?

Just wondering....
The V6 provides almost as much detail out of the headphone jack as a 580 out of a DBSE CHA47*. The difference is that the 580s are more musical. The point is that V6=$80 and is a good example of hifi sound. 580+CHA47=$250, which is a bit much money for something you can't audition and may not like.

Note: HD580s out of a Melos SHA-1 are a completely different story... but we're not talking about top of the line amps for him, now are we?

I haven't heard the HD580s out of a DBSE CHA47, but I have heard them on NAD preamps, which probably offer a similar sound.
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no, we're not talking about top of the line amps here. i'm not opposed to a relatively small, relatively inexpensive amp, but more than that is really getting out of my budget, and really beyond what i need too. i just need something that i'm going to enjoy listening to while writing cobol programs at work. something that sounds quite good, and is extremely confortable.

that said, i've been researching some today, going through old posts, etc. and wanted to ask what you thought about
AKG K-401/501's? possibly combined with an Altoid Tin Amp (?) from JMT? those Philips HP890's looked pretty sweet too. though i get the impression the HP890's can't be gotten in the US. anyone know of any place? if i could get a friend to get them in germany, there's no reason to think they wouldn't work on US electronics is there?

and thanks for all the advice you guys have given thusfar.
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it's your ears

Personally it's all up to you. You can get a great set of cans for around 200 bucks, especially dutch auctions off ebay and stuff

For some strange reason you don't wanna go near the grado line (which is very easily powered off your discman and has perhaps to my ears one of the best sounds)

I will suggest what I would get

For closed:
The sony V6 which is around 80 bux at djmart

The Denon AH-D950 a smooth sounding and very easily powered bassy can.

The sennheiser hp25 is pretty good and has punchy bass, but I prefer the denon and sony over it.

For open:
Grado's !!! Well there is the sr80 and 125 for under 200 bux but the 325's and up are to me one of the best sounding cans hehe but then so is the sony mdrcd 3000

I would say the sennheiser 590 is better than the 580/600's for portable applications but then I remembered that even the 590's have a huge impedance rating of 120 ohms

The sennheiser 495 is probably the best for this application but it sounds not nearly as good compared to the sony v6, denon ah-d950 nor the Grado line from sr80-325's.

It's always your choise and let your ears do all the listening.

but for your application with just a discman I suggest you find can with decent frequency range from 20-20000 and probably resistance less than 70 ohms.

great phones like the AKG's is still not practical in your case seeing how even the 240M has a resistance of 600 ohms and the 501's have like a 150 or something...
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I would say the sennheiser 590 is better than the 580/600's for portable applications but then I remembered that even the 590's have a huge impedance rating of 120 ohms
Unless you'll be doing some serious headbanging - 120 ohms and the HIGH sensitivity of the Senn. 590s should be fine.

Perhaps, pair the 590 (slightly recessed upper mids - "cold"er presentation?) with a "warm" Panasonic 470?

Just a thought.
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You can get a pair of Senn HD-590 for cheap these days. I think someone here was selling them for a very good price. Even if their gone, check out ebay for some dutch auctions, and get them on the cheap.

They should slove your problem. Good luck.
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I recommend the Beyerdynamic DT250 (80ohm version). I'm currently wearing the 250ohm version. These are amazingly comfortable headphones - many people replace their current ear pads with Beyer pads because they are so extremely comfy!!! I wear them sometimes for 6-7 hours in a row (with a few 15 minute breaks thrown in there..) and they are non-fatiguing - it's like having two mini pillows on your ears

The 80ohm version can be driven decently by a portable, or so says the Headroom website ("...they can be driven effectively by a portable player.")

I bought mine for $140 + shipping (but they arrived a few months LATE). Headroom sells them for ~$180.

anyway, hope this helps. BTW, Headroom gives them a whopping 4 headphone rating. I definately do the same
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Judging by some of the specs, the 250-ohm version of the DT250's will sound loud enough directly out of portable players, but will sound WAY better with an amp.
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Eagle_Driver - when I first got them I didn't have an amp yet, so I listened straight out of my portable and it sounded pretty good. But once I got my amp I gotta say there is no going back
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It looks like your requirements are simmilar to mine. I'm looking very closely at the Denon AHD-950.
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I owned the Denon 950 for awhile and would choose another headphone over the Denon if I where to try things a second time.
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I like the denons

I really like the denons and I respect the kind of sound it can push out with little power (low resistance of 30 ohms). It's a very punchy bassy sound with good midrange and treble detail (yet it is what you would say warm sounding). It's one of the best for portable devices I would say, asides from grado because of it's low impedance. It's more comfortable than the V6's and can go louder than the V6's off a portable device. It also has a wide range from 2-31000 (of course it's just ratings... usually never even close to being flat through any of that..)

It's your ears so you have to listen to them all
I use both V6 and Denon's for my portable listening for closed cans (as earmuffs as well ) and it depends on the mood i'm in. Just give the suggestions we gave you a listen, then base your decision on the factors of
2. Sound
3. Sound
4. Power it off your portable device
5. Comfort
6. looks
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Originally posted by Jon Beilin
V6s + portable are a good introduction to Mid-hifi sound.
This is a very good recommendation!!
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