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Etymotics as weight loss device

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Hi all;

One thing I've discovered you can't do wearing Etymotics is eat. Chewing, crunching and gnashing is amplified to cement mixing proportions.

This is of extreme importance to those of us who can gain weight like a corn fed hereford steer.

Etymotics is missing a major marketing spin! ;-)

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Well speaking as a professional fat bastard I have to agree. Just about the only time a really can't bear to eat is when I'm wearing my spunkingly lovely Ety's!
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Well... I just take my etys out when I eat... so.. yeah... I'm not excessively overweight either...
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Hmm, I can't stand eating when I'm listening to any headphones. The Etys just happen to be the worst of the bunch for that situation.
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Do not eat and Ety! I was eating some hard sougherdough pretzels whilst using mine - and broke a tooth. Since I eat them all the time without dental damage, it must have been the Ety's fault. Must have been the 'P, with its higher bass and all.

That was a year ago. I just sold the 'P - and I'm getting a root canal in 5 days.
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lol! Rohorn - you crack me up.......I realize that must've been very painful, and I really shouldn't laugh - but if I can just picture some guy listenin to music, eating pretzels, thinkin' "It's All Good" - then - CRACK!

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Why get your stomach stapled or jaws wired shut when
you can Krazy glue your ety's?
BTW, m.m., did you notice the Weightwatcher's Seal of
Approval on box?
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