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Ok, I've spent most of my time with the following players so I'll leave out those which havent seen much use (especially all the Cassette Walkmans.)

Strictly Headphone Out

1. D-515
2. D-321
3. D-350
4. Kenwood 721
5. D-25s

Also, I just got in a D-J50 and the initial impressions are good, not at the top, but very good first impressions. I never imagined that it was so thin....here's a pic next to a D-25s....

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Yea...Pappucho, you and I are going to have to do a D-J50/D-626 swap someday.
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slimlne looking unit pappucho

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I can't believe you rated the D-321 as only a step below the D-515, Pappucho. I only paid $6 for one of my D321s, but I had to pay $400 for my 515. It's too bad that both of my D-321s are broken at the moment (along with my D-311 and D-211). I think one of my D-321s will play for about 40 seconds before stopping. I like the sound of it very much. It has a wide soundstage, perhaps wider than the D-211 that Duncan is so fond of. Actually I may be able to compare the D-211 to the D-321 since they will both play briefly. I will do that as soon as I get the chance.

My list (headphone out):

Note that these are just kind of rough guesses at the moment. I would need to do a careful listening test to be certain of the order.
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I like the sound of my D-321 very much, but I have yet to acquire many discmen which are supposed to be better. These would be the D-303, D-311, and the D-555. I am assuming that once I get these, they may fall somewhere between the D-515 and the D-321. I may be pleasantly surprised though to the contrary .....
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mmm, lessee, of the portable units I've use this year (not gonna list the countless walkmans ):

1. DR7. easy, kicks ass.
2. SR50. really good, should be very close to the 831 I'd think.
3. MT80. bit fuzzier than above.
4. Aiwa HX55. sounds like a Sharp actually. but has background noise, and sometimes slight electronic noises seep in, like a click-like sound when the motor spins up. still, it's my little hero
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As of 9-5-03, here are my revised rankings for my digital portable players:

Headphone out: Tested with Grado SR-80 and SR-225 headphones and Sony MDR-7506 headphones
1. Sony D-EJ2000 PCDP
2. Panasonic SL-SW850 PCDP
3. Panasonic SL-CT790 PCDP
4. Panasonic SL-CT470 PCDP
5. iRiver SlimX iMP-350 MP3/CD
(tie) Sony MZ-E10 MD
7. Sony MZ-N707 MD
(tie) Sony MZ-R500 MD

87. Sony D-EJ721 PCDP
88. Sony D-EJ1000 PCDP

Line out: (or headphone out used as line out)
1. Sony D-EJ2000 PCDP
(tie)Sony D-EJ1000 PCDP
3. Panasonic SL-CT470 PCDP
4. Panasonic SL-SW850 PCDP
5. Sony D-EJ721 PCDP
6. Panasonic SL-CT790 PCDP
7. iRiver SlimX iMP-350 MP3/CD
(tie) Sony MZ-E10 MD
9. Sony MZ-N707 MD
(tie) Sony MZ-R500 MD

Listening to all of my portable players closely, I would have to say that despite popular belief, the best current MD units just don't sound as good as the best current PCDPs, though most MD units do sound better than the average run-of-the-mill PCDP.
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Reviving an old thread

Headphone out:

1. D-5a
tie D-14

2. D-33
tie D-34

3. D-11

4. D-E775
tie Rio Volt SP90 (less noise than the 100)

5. Rio Volt SP100

6. D-220

7. D-242ck

8. Sanyo CDP-54 -marked way down for being hissy, line out might be much better.
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Oooh, not sure that I dare to look at my original post in this thread (I skipped to the last new post )

I'll update this over xmas
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From my limited experience...

(1) Nomad Jukebox 3
(2) Nomad Jukebox (and man, it sucks...)
(3) Samsung CD YEPP MP3 Player

I have no real comparison but I can say I have no qualms with its sound. I use the line-out into my META... as a matter of fact, my headphone input broke in one of it's many heart-stopping tumbles to the ground. I'm so Head-Fi, I don't even have a headphone input!

The NJB3's Lineout -> DT250's doesn't sound that bad... I guess they're just that difficult to drive. I'd plug my Eggo's into the line-out sometimes back when my I had a Total Airhead that would always die on me and... oh God. People talk about their high end being shrill through headphone out - you don't even want to know.

I don't think the Zen Xtra has a Line-Out but I could be wrong. If it doesn't, it looks like I'm sticking with the NJB3 until I finally break it.
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Originally posted by pikawel
I don't think the Zen Xtra has a Line-Out but I could be wrong. If it doesn't, it looks like I'm sticking with the NJB3 until I finally break it.
Nope, no model of Zen (2.0/Nx/Xtra) has a line out.

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Sony 777 > Sony 25s > Pana 570 > Sony D9

These days I'm almost always using the Head-out. The one I listen to the most is the Pana because of its features and ease of use.
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1. My vocal chords with neural connection to my brain. More music stored than on any ipod or its ilk. Never skips, but songs don't always play to completion. Open system allows fellow man and animal kind to enjoy my music as much as I do. Some people express their pleasure through grimace. (Weird!)

2. Various walk/disc/minidisc-mans I've owned.
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Originally Posted by PeterR
Okay, from the headphone out:

D-303 (unless you like it very loud)
D-5 (with a honourable mention for raw power)

Edit: revised ranking of the 303 after getting a 2nd sample and spending more time with it
Sorry to graveyard bump this, but seeing as how i'm new to the pcdp world and how the search function is handy, i wanted to gauge your impressions. I see here that the D-15 (what I have) is actually favored by this head-fier over the D-25, which gets alot of praise. is this due to the fact that there is no oversampling at all on the D-15, versus the 4xoversampling on the D-25? I don't have the D-25, but seeing as how people say they prefer the D-25 sound over even pro transports and rackmounts, i'm just wondering where my little D-15 stacks up comparatively. And yep it is a totally different animal than my ipod, so I really can't compare those two. Any thoughts?
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sony d-ne1
sony mz-r70
iriver imp400
iriver imp350
sony mz-ne410
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