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I'm not sure what to make of the iPod... it's not bad but I don't know how I'd rank it. and I broke one of the clips on the EM7
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I found my old Sony D-121, and managed to get it to at least read CDs (had to adjust a pot that controlled the lense movement). It still skips like crazy probably because the lense needs a good cleaning. It still sounds better than my RioVolt but is a bit bright sounding. It also eats 2 AA batteries every 2 hours. So here's my revised list:

1. Sony MZ-S1
2. Panasonic SL-CT470
3. Sony D-121
4. RioVolt SP90
999. RCA K@zoo
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PCDP's only

1. Denon DCP-150
2. Sony D-303
3. Optimus CD3400
4. Kenwood DPC-72

these are the ones that stand out of the pack.
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I figured I'd give this thread a boink to see if anyone has newer/different opinions now that four months have passed...and purk, you never did post your list.

I haven't done any truly in depth comparisons as of yet, though I sold my D-15 and D-5 (the latter has great sound but is too bulky for me)...I'll wait until my D-626 and D-25S arrive.

Have at it.
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I never even saw this thread...

...I don't think anyone needs me to go through my list though do they?
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I randomly found it doing a search earlier...you still owe us a D-211.

Alright, you don't really owe us anything, but still. ^_^ Presumably the 211, 311, and 515 are your top dogs?
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lol... the 211 is going to be eventually here (in the very not too distant future) and within a fortnight, all things considered I should also include a piece on the D111

...D211 is my current fave, followed by the D311, and lastly the D515... I doubt it, but you never know... the D111 could be a shocker
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My new rankings for my now trimmed down portable list:

1. Sony D-14
2. Sony MZ-S1
3. RCA K@zoo

I really only use the MZ-S1 outside of the house, the D-14 is impractical as a portable, and the K@zoo is a 32MB MP3 player (do I really need to elaborate ). I relistened to the K@zoo a few weeks ago and realized I was overly harsh on it when I ranked it since it has the absolute best sounding 64Kbps MP3 playback I've heard which means it doesn't sound good, but not like total crap either. Considering it's use it is actually pretty decent sounding. I just got my D-14 today and have had it out of the box for less than an hour, but I am thoroughly impressed by it. I don't have an RCA to mini cable to hook it to my headphone amp so I am listening through the headphone amp. I didn't think it was possible to enjoy the Beyer DT770 Pro's a whole lot without an amp, but the headphone amp on the D-14 is incredible. I have it in between minimum and 2 and it is as loud as I need.
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Donovan, just as a note - if you have a 9V adaptor, and a mini to mini cable, you can take the D-14 off its docking station and use it that way. ^_^ The line out in the back is a mini, that connects to a mini-to-RCA adaptor in the docking station.
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eagle_driver, how well does the E10 drive the SR80s and do you use the e10's equalizer with the SR80s?
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Okay, from the headphone out:

D-303 (unless you like it very loud)
D-5 (with a honourable mention for raw power)

Edit: revised ranking of the 303 after getting a 2nd sample and spending more time with it
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1...D-EJ915, MZ-S1 ( never done a comparo...lazy to set it up/ in Ca right now )

2....Phillips CD player, $60 bucks, bought it before my 915

3.....SP90, terrible crap...DO NOT BUY!

anyway, that's what I've heard
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i vote for my imp 550.. it's headphone out sounds damn good... specially with my ms2's... oh.. how i await the arrival of my gilmore lite and maxed out meta.
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what're you comparing the 550 to Merton?
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my t.v. headphone jack and the meta 42 i had that got broke in the mail... no where near as good as the meta( the sound only come out of one side at times)... but still .. very good... and i was using the meta directly hooked up to my gamecube. that meta had the 8620.. but soon i will have the 627's!!! AND a gilmore lite... i wonder which will be better? WE'LL SEE!!!
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