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Mine is about 20000km. in any direction!
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haha. Well, there was this korean market that open around where i live today. I paid a visit and something caught my eye. It was a section FULL of shin ramyun. I wish i took a picture. It was beautiful. (it looked like a smaller shop with ramen filled in it)
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shin ramyun is the best followed by kimchi flavor. I like eating all the noodles first then I dump white sticky rice into the soup. mmmm
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Shin Ramyun gives you the best breath...
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
I have no idea what you talk about.
Is there no ramen in Norway? Maybe that is why the quality of life is so high in your country!

All of you ramen lovers owe it to yourselves to try the King of Noodles: Soba. It is a buckwheat-based noodle. Very good.

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Soba is, indeed, very good. I also like udon.

Mmmm, udooooon.
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To really enjoy ramen you need to eat it in a real ramen noodle shop. There are several of those in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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I had udon in japan once, it was really delicious!

I miss it.. I tried making some at home and it just did not compare!
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Ahh.. I remember when I went to this ramen shop in Vancouver back when I lived in Canada. Now, living in SoCal, I've been to this one place in Little Tokyo once. Great experience, with the smell and the cozy atmosphere.

All things aside, my parents just bought a 20 pack of Shin ramyun and tomorrow's lunch is going to be deeeelish!
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I wish I could find a Ramen restaurant in the Seattle Area...I want to eat Ramen fresh.
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I've tried several brands of Ramen noodles and always find myself going back to normal Maruchan ramen. Although the pancit canton from the Filipino store is at a close second too.

My best attempt was a tuna steak on top of Ramen. I can't really describe the name of it but heres what I did: I seared the tuna so it browned on the outside but pink on the inside. Then I boiled the ramen, dried it, and then fried it until it was slightly crispy. Then I dumped the tuna marinade in there for seasoning (soy sauce, Sriracha hot sauce, and smashed garlic) It made for one heck of a presentation though with the seared tuna.
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Instant ramen - I like the Wei Chuang brand the best.

Real Ramen - I can never remember the Japanese restaurant names... there's this one in Marukai market in Costa Mesa, there's this one one 2nd street, Daikoku something in lil Tokyo, and there's this one near Daikoku inside the plaza opposite to Kinokinuya... for you SoCal peeps. Oh, and FuFuTei in Hacienda Heights but only order the Shio.
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What an awesome thread! I recently went on a quest to find the best instant ramen. My favorite by far is Unif Tung-I Chinese Onion Flavor. Runner up is the Mr. Kon brand.

Hm and looking at the post above, can anyone recommend any places in the bay area? There's a couple in Mountain View and Palo Alto that I like.
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Unif Tung-I Chinese Onion Flavor used to be one of my favorites too, but had so many in too short a time span, now I'm tired of them.

I've had trouble finding the Mr. Kon series that I had in Taiwan, the selection I've found here in the states is a bit more limited for the Mr. kon brand.

Other notables:
Nissin - Sukiyaki
Shin ramyun
indomie Mi Goreng (original flavor, the one served dry.)

and then. guess I'm lucky. I ate from three different ramen houses last wed,thur, and friday around the O.C.

@viggen: are you thinking about the Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa? They have a san-tou-ka there. I don't remember the Marukai in costa mesa having much to eat (only remember sushi boy, lollicup?, and a L&L's hawaiian bbq)...though it's been awhile since I've been there. There's also Kohryu and mentatsu nearby there, on Baker street. I have not tried mentatsu yet, and haven't tried enough of the menu at Kohryu to form an opinion.

in fountain valley: shinsen gumi for hakata ramen, and ebisu for sweet lunch combos.
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Lost - You are correct, I meant Mitsuwa.

I was pretty serious when I wrote I am not very good at remembering Japanese names... heh.

And, I love Tung-I ramen too. I always sample other stuff from Shin to other more expensive types (can't remember the names... Zhon Hua 3 Wei?), but I always return to the cheapy Tung-I and Wei Chuang.

I was at the french bakery/cafe that is right next to Ebisu lastnight. I do not recommend the seafood spaghetti.
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