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haha true that rednamalas1! And you'll be surprised how many ramen brands still have MSG in it.
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Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 View Post
Chinese food, for example, doesn't taste the same without msg
That's it! I was wondering why I liked lo-meins too much.
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Originally Posted by Chickenman View Post
haha true that rednamalas1! And you'll be surprised how many ramen brands still have MSG in it.
Maybe those are the ones I'm still eating today. Because they taste better! Frankly, I could care less about MSGs and what they do to ya. All the old folks from korea grew up eating those ramyuns and they are still healthy for the most part. So I imagine it can't be that bad.
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So.... what's the best cup ramen? I never had any of the real ones and I need a pack for my office @ school
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i was thinking about making a instant ramen guide, since I live in Hawaii, we have a ton of varieties in the stores. So far, i've been trying some of the cheaper stuff (maruchan, nissin, etc) and am now eyeing up the more expensive ones. Always wonder why one costs $3 compared to one that costs $0.33..

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Yea, I've seen instant bowl ramen in store costing upwards of $5. They are slightly better and I've tried a few but I don't think I want to be spending $5 all the time for instant ramen.

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fyi, if you haven't already seen this site:


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so is there good tasting ramen out there thats a packaged ramen that doens't have msg?
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I think most, if not all, varieties of Nongshim brand don't have msg.

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huh really? Does that include shin ramen?

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guess i stick with what got me through school, for better or worse- ichiban all the way.

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If it is that Maruchan-type Ramen please stop eating it if you want to live more than 50 years.
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I've found Top Ramen to be the best in terms of taste and texture. 


Also, their cup noodles are pretty good. Tom Yam is the best.

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