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I love Ramen. Being Korean, there is never a time where I am without ramen. Discuss what brands are good, and what flavors you like! (can be from anywhere, not just Korea)
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ha ha, nice topic.

I'm a fan of Maruchan, the chicken, but I add a few of my own spices usually. Sometimes cayenne pepper, sometimes italian seasoning, etc, et al.
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i love how you stereo type
im a chicken man myself
tastes like baby puke
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I used to enjoy eating it dry, usually with a beer.

Haven't had that much lately, but it was enough with an empty wallet. I still cook it here and there, but I like to stir in a couple of scrambled eggs, some onions, and maybe some veggies.
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Haha I recently tried curry ramen from a korean company. It was decent, but I like normal spicy better. I usually add an egg in it so it doesnt taste so spicy.
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I love ramen!

I bought a beed ramen with a red beef on it and can't remember the name.

Next ones I buy are gonna be shin ramen if I can find em!
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never had any...
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Does everyone eat it the soup n noodles way?
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i eat it plain, just the noodles. i try to avoid it, as the sodium on those babies is through the roof!

i like shin bowls and whatever i have in my pantry.
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I think ramens hardly have 'fidelity' in it, being dried vegetables and synthesized soup bases. That being said, I do have heavy consumption of ramen + eggs (2 or more).
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Mr. Kon beef ramen is probably one of the best instant ramen. Its rather hard to find in the smaller asian groceries as it always sells out
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Originally Posted by MCC View Post
never had any...
Wow.. Never?
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Top Ramen with cubed pork, soy sauce and wasabi paste.
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Shin Ramyun Hot & Spicy!
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I'm always a big fan or Ramen. I lived on it for probably three to four months after I was married.

Personally, while I enjoy the everyday maruchan, I do really love more home-made ramen, similar to the same that is loved by the anime character Naruto. All the wonderful goodies found within the bowl are indeed delicious.

At home it's usually frozen peas, frozen carrots, an egg, chunks of chicken, chicken broth (not the packet), a little soy sauce, a touch of curry powder, and sometimes takoyaki sauce. EDIT: Oh, and fresh ginger can often add a little zing!

It made for a delicious and full meal. However, since my wife is on a diet...I never get to eat it.

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